August 3, 2021

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s legendary Fender Broadcaster ‘Jimbo’ up for auction

Legend has it that Stevie Ray Vaughan, then 12 years old, he was always picking up his brother’s guitars, especially one Fender Broadcaster of 51 with serial number 0964. Something that apparently did not make him very funny Jimmy. In the end, thanks to the musician Doyle Bramhall who convinced him to give it to him so that he would leave the rest of the instruments alone, the guitar passed into the hands of Stevie not without his older brother engraving the word ‘Jimbo’ on the back of his body. Hence the nickname by which it is known.

Stevie Ray Vaughan He turned this guitar into his workhorse during his early days when he was only 14 years old, playing in clubs in Dallas. And he kept using it with his early bands Epileptic Marshmellow, The Brooklyn Underground, O The Southern Distributor, and on their first studio recording in 1970. Here we can see one of the few if not the only image of Stevie with ‘Jimbo’ performing in the spring / summer of 1970 with another of those bands, Liberation.

Some time later he ended up changing it to a music teacher named Geoff Appold by a Epiphone Riviera 63 red. But SRV He always regretted it and when he tried to get it back Appold told him that unfortunately he had already sold it. Stevie continued to search for the Fender Broadcaster without success until the end of his days.

The next thing that is known is that the same Fender Broadcaster It appeared at the Grammy museum on display alongside another famous SRV guitar, the “Number One”.

In the following video you can see ‘Jimbo’ with that Stratrocaster and other items that belonged to the musician:

This Fender Broadcaster, to which Stevie made several modifications such as removing the finish or replacing the tone control with another volume, has gone through different incidents. A couple of years ago there was also an attempt to auction with a starting price of $ 200,000, but it ended up unsold.

Now the gallery Heritage Auctions de Dallas has announced its auction for March 24, and they estimate that this time the final price will reach or exceed $ 400,000.

It may seem like an exorbitant amount, but keep in mind that ‘Jimbo’ is one of the few guitars in Stevie Ray Vaughan perfectly documented, and that in addition Fender only made a couple hundred Broadcaster before Gretsch He sent them a telegram at the beginning of ’51, with a request that they change the name to that model because they already had a very similar one registered: Broadkaster.

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