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Here are which national teams will go to Qatar in December next year, at least according to the evaluations expressed by video games.

Italy has condemned itself to the sad fate of the playoffs, putting at serious risk their chances of qualifying for the next World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The national teams that have had access to the playoffs, divided between seeded and unseeded, in fact have a rather high average value and, remaining those who took to the field against Northern Ireland, the risks of being defeated by a direct confrontation (indeed, two) are far from remote. But is it really so? We asked FIFA 22, the latest version of the well-known football series by EA Sports, which can count on updated and very reliable ratings, in this sense.

The two to avoid –

Beyond the crisis of self-esteem in which we suddenly fell, we will be the team to be avoided at all costs: Italy has an overall rating of five stars and an average score of 84, enhanced by an 84 in attack (irony of fate) and in midfield, with an 82 in defense. Paired in pole position there is Portugal, with an overall evaluation identical to ours but with higher scores per position: in defense 85 (thanks to the exploit of Ruben Dias), in midfield 83 and in attack 84. There is no doubt that, at the end of the two playoff challenges , we do not want to run into Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and associates.

The other seeded –

The other seeds are not of particular concern, as long as they are clearly addressed with the right attitude. Russia has an average of 75, despite a defense of just 72, which is the same as Scotland (stronger in midfield but weak in front). Turkey is not included in FIFA 22 but has only three players above the 80 average, which usually indicates a good all-time level: Calhanoglu (82), Burak Yilmaz (81) and Soyuncu (80). The black beast Sweden, finally, it remains the strongest of the lot, with an attack of 78, a midfield of 77 and a defense of 75, which contribute to an overall score of 77. Preferably to be avoided, therefore, both for the technical aspect and for that psychological.

Unseeded –

Among the unseeded, the national teams that we do not want to draw will be Austria and Poland, as seen between Europeans and first edition of the Nations League. The Austrians have an overall score of 77, where the midfield stands out at 78, and they forced us into extra time in the triumphal ride at Wembley; the Poles have the same total rating but an attack of 80, thanks to Lewandowski’s numbers that could earn him the ballon d’or. They are followed in order by Ukraine and the Czech Republic, both at 76, and Wales of Bale and Ramsey with a measly 74. North Macedonia is not present in the FIFA 22 database, but boasts players such as Bardhi del Levante (79) , Ademi (76) and Ristovski (75) from Dinamo Zagreb, in addition to the “Italians” Pandev and Elmas from Genoa and Naples at 74 and 73 respectively.

How the playoffs work –

As explained in the presentation of rivals, the World Cup playoffs include the 10 runners-up of the qualifying rounds and the top 2 of the unqualified Nations League in the groups. Three final fours will come out of the draw on Friday 26 November, each with two seeds and two that are not. From there, two semi-finals will follow (24 and 25 March 2022), the winners of which will play a final (28-29 March) for the final four. From the 12 participants, therefore, only three will go to Qatar.

Who passes –

Who will be the three “lucky ones” then? If in real football everything will depend on how the single national teams arrive in March and on the pairings between the seeded (Italy and Portugal could play a final of a final four and so one of them would automatically not go to the World Cup), on FIFA 22 the ideas are much clearer: were it for the video game, Italy and Portugal would already be in Qatar, while Sweden, Austria and Poland, united by the same overall score, would play the last available ticket.

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World Cup 2022, who goes to the playoffs? According to FIFA … – eSports & Gaming