Vincent Kompany had advised Sambi Lokonga to Manchester City: “He can become the new Yaya Touré”

It has now been a little over a year since Vincent Kompany put away the studs to devote himself full time to his new role as head coach at Anderlecht. A new function in his club of heart which he appreciates a lot and which he spoke at length with the former defender Rio Ferdinand during the podcast “Vibewithfive”.

“I like the job,” said Kompany straight away, talking about an exciting job surrounded by many local young people. “The young people who leave the academy to go to the first team have an excellent technique. But it is fighting spirit that we need to break through at the highest level. If the ball is in your vicinity and that you want to have it, you have to be tough. I deliberately go into the most extreme details with them so that they understand what it really means to be a professional footballer. “

But for the moment, the sauce is struggling to take between the players and their coach. If last year, the Mauves qualified on the wire for the Playoffs 1, they failed to secure a European place. This season, Anderlecht have yet to find the right recipe to be consistent. But Kompany and his famous “process” does not want to cut corners: “The club is going through a difficult period, mainly because of bad financial decisions in the past. But I have talented young people. Obviously, there are expectations due. glorious past of the club, while we are for the moment behind our competitors. This perception is difficult but it does not matter. It puts more pressure “, explains the former defender who considers that the competition in Belgium is superior compared to what he experienced during his first stint at Sporting: “With Anderlecht, I won the title twice. We came onto the pitch and we won if we played our football. Now we have to eat well , sleep, get ready, etc. to have a chance to be competitive throughout the season.

Nevertheless Kompany is optimistic for the years to come at Anderlecht: “We do not have the best players but players with great potential. They can allow us to reach our goal sooner than expected.”

If he therefore believes that the competition is more intense in Belgium and that he does not have the best squad, Kompany recognizes his weaknesses and mistakes: “I am happy at Anderlecht but I want to work hard to improve myself. as a coach you have to make the right choices at the right times. I am not going to put myself higher than my current place. But one thing is for sure: I will work hard. No matter how talented I am – I think I have some talent – I will always make up for it with extra effort. “

“Sambi Lokonga ne se cache pas”

Facing Rio Ferdinand, Vince The Prince has also extended to Albert Sambi Lokonga, who left for Arsenal this summer and who is starting to make his mark in England. A player he has followed since his debut at Sporting: “As I came to the end of my contract at Manchester City, I started to think about my future. I watched as many football matches as possible and saw Sambi Lokonga’s first two meetings in Anderlecht.After seeing him, I went straight to Mikel Arteta’s office player, he’s the new Yaya Touré. ”But in the process, he suffered a serious knee injury and Arteta didn’t take my advice,” Kompany recalls.

Two years after Sambi’s debut at Anderlecht, Kompany has returned home himself. There, he was able to get closer to the midfielder: “I was able to observe him with my own eyes. I still believe that he can become the new Yaya Touré. I am not giving him a gift by saying that. But Sambi always wants the ball, whether in a good or a bad game. He does not hide. he still has to work on certain aspects of his game. Yaya was more often decisive for example. In this, Albert needs to improve. as a defender you enjoy having players like him in front of you because he can run the game for the team. “

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Vincent Kompany had advised Sambi Lokonga to Manchester City: “He can become the new Yaya Touré”