Top 10: Petrarch undefeated winter champion. Piacenza the revelation

The balance of the first round sees Padua dominate, while the Emilians seem to be the only real challenger. The Lyons earn the title of “big amazon”

Petrarca Padova undefeated winter champion. Valorugby Emilia the fiercest rival. Sitav Lyons Piacenza “big killers” and revelation of the first round, which on Friday live on RaiSport will try to confirm itself at the “Beltrametti” in Piacenza trying to beat the invincible Paduan army.

The first leg ended 45-13. This is the balance sheet of the first round of the Peroni Top 10 rugby, which cannot change even after the 4 steals. And this is the tempting challenge with which the second round will open.


Petrarch’s triumphal ride was announced. Out of 45 points at stake, he lost only 3 bonus points, in the head-to-head clashes against Valorugby, Rovigo and Fiamme Oro. For the rest of the goals achieved in bunches, 39 (average 4.3 per game), the best defense of the tournament with 155 points conceded (average 17.7) and games often made safe in the first half. All this having to deal with a series of injuries that at one point saw as many as 26 players in the infirmary. But precisely the depth and assortment of the rose, built by improving the already large and excellent existing one, is one of the secrets of the ride. Already last regular season, battered by Covid unlike the zero postponements of this year, saw Petrarch close with 16 wins, one draw and one defeat. He should have won the Scudetto, but Rovigo snatched it from him with that sublime and atrocious goal at the last second. Now the tricolor candidacy is even stronger.


Petrarch’s competitor is confirmed as Valorugby, as the forecasts after the summer market wanted. Even the Emilians have set up a battleship made up of experienced players, young talents and a scrum half like Gonzalo Garcia, the only player in the league to serve in a great national team, Argentina. Valorugby are also a goal machine, 38 scored with one game less. If in the recovery he beats Mogliano he will overtake Petrarca in the scoring count and will be within a single victory with bonus (5 points). Far from all the pursuers (Calvisano, Rovigo, Fiamme Oro) who will struggle behind to conquer the remaining playoff places. A race that could expand to Lyons and Colorno if they keep (difficult, not impossible) the pace of the first leg. Should this happen, we would have a balance never before seen in the Top 10, with 5 teams vying for 2 places in the semifinal behind the 2 dominatrixes.


The Lions continue to roar over their field. After the Italian champions of Rovigo and the revelation of Colorno, Calvisano, who dominated the last decade of the championship, also fell, without his coach Gianluca Guidi (disqualified for 40 days for intemperance against the referee team). The difference was made by a free kick in the final minutes, but behind it there is all the defensive solidity and the team spirit led on the bench by the former Azzurri Gonzalo Garcia (namesake of that of Valorugby) and Carlo Orlandi. “They are a fantastic group, a very united team – comments Garcia – Everyone has realized their potential and they are expressing it on the pitch. I am proud of my boys ”.

the point

Results 9th round: Sitav Lyons-Transvecta Calvisano 22-19; Petrarch-Lazio 47-5; Valorugby Emilia-Hbs Colorno 42-19; Viadana-FemiCz Rovigo, Fiamme Oro-Mogliano postponed Ranking: Petrarca 42 points; Valorugby * 32; Calvisano 25; Colorno, Rovigo **, Lyons 21; Gold Flames ** 16, Viadana * 14; Mogliano ** 10; Lazio 4. * Less races.

Next round, 10th day: Friday RaiSport Lyons-Petrarca advance; Saturday 11: Valorugby-Lazio, Fiamme Oro-Calvisano, Rovigo-Mogliano, Viadana-Colorno.

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Top 10: Petrarch undefeated winter champion. Piacenza the revelation