The first Czech in the Hall of Fame! What does he miss most as a pioneer? –

Helsinki (from our rapporteur) – He was the first to go to Sweden for floorball, helping to win the historical silver medal of the Czech national team at the World Championships in Switzerland in 2004. He then worked as a national coach, who led to bronze at the 2014 World Championships.

When did you find out about your Hall of Fame nomination?

They called me from Czech floorball about two months ago that I was chosen. It is, of course, a great honor, it pleased me and my family. I take it as satisfaction and thanks for my career. Very nice feeling.

You must have had the task of keeping the report of your award a secret.

It really was a wish not to tell anyone, only my family knew, no one else. I just communicated that I was invited to Helsinki by an international federation, but no one knew anything.

A nomination is an award for your long career, which moment would you pinch it?

There were definitely more of them, I can only remember her well. I started with hockey and my big dream was to play for the national team at the World Cup. And that came true for me in another sport, which was wonderful. The 2004 World Cup is definitely one of those memorable moments.

In many ways, you have opened the way for Czech floorball.

I was a pioneer almost all the time. I started playing when there were no children’s or junior competitions, floorball has moved extremely since then. Sweden was like the NHL in hockey at the time. Even though I didn’t have a super contract there, it was a dream come true.

How do you perceive the path that floorball has taken since then?

I don’t see that so positively anymore when I look at the semifinals, so at the time I started, it was more interesting. The peak was wider, now the teams are holding four teams. The semifinals are too boring for me. The sport has shifted, it’s very physical, far less nice events, and of course I miss that as a pioneer. I know that the semifinals will not be won 10: 8, but it is highly anticipated who will make a mistake and be punished with a goal. For me, those matches aren’t as attractive as they used to be.

What would help? Different variants of rule modification are being addressed…

I wouldn’t go into that debate at all if playing four for four, three for three… I’m not a supporter. I played hockey, which was played five on five, I want to play floorball five on five. Of course, the rules can be adjusted somehow, it’s more about the development of the sport. If we go like the Finns through basketball and we play personal defense and we are physically very strong, then it will go in that direction. Each coach has different priorities and the game can unfold accordingly. Everyone now wants to play the balloon for sure, not to engage in risky events and the attractiveness for the spectator, which is most important, is missing.

How did you like the Czech team at the tournament?

I said before the championship that the team is well composed, will definitely not play the second violin and can achieve something big. Unfortunately, they did not succeed in the semifinals, the boys played well and sympathetically in every match. They certainly have great potential in the future and I wished them the medal.

Do you now live in Switzerland, have you stayed as a coach at floorball?

I enjoy training, I went to Switzerland to train juniors who are under the age of 21, so I train the second highest competition in Zug. I provide sports youth in the club.

Are you still attracted to returning to Czech floorball?

I never say never. Of course, I follow what is happening in the Czech Republic, I am not saying that it attracts me, but it can happen.

Do you ever play floorball yourself?

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The first Czech in the Hall of Fame! What does he miss most as a pioneer? –