Resistance open world, the idea of ​​Bend Studio after the farewell to Days Gone 2

To our microphones, director Jeff Ross reveals the details of the project – proposed to Sony but rejected – for a new Resistance for next-gen consoles.

The director of Days Gone, Jeff Ross, revealed details of a proposal made to Sony by Bend Studio after the cancellation of the post-apocalyptic open world sequel. Ross, no longer at Sony since 2020, has revealed that the development team of Oregon has come forward with the Japanese house once it understood that Days Gone 2 would no longer be done. The proposal, which provided for an open world Resistance, was not accepted and since then the software house has started working on a new intellectual property.

Un Resistance open world —

Resistance was originally developed by Insomniac Games and is a first person shooter series. Also post-apocalyptic, the saga is set in the 1950s during an alien invasion and hasn’t received any new games since 2012 (Burning Skies, a portable spin-off). Bend Studio took care of Retribution for PSP the year before and thought it would be a good idea to attempt to build a fully open world title, following the Days Gone, set in the franchise. “The idea was simply to take things from the Resistance universe and have the mothership above the world,” explains Jeff Ross in an interview with Kirk McKeand for “It would have been cool, right? We can destroy that mothership and bring a Red Dawn approach – like, we’re just a bunch of rebels, a bunch of kids. We are young and we will save the world in some way ”. The original idea was from design manager Eric Jensen, not Ross, but he was the one who supported it in front of the owner Sony.

Ideas for a new chapter –

“I thought it would be epic to see this mothership somewhere and know that this was the endgame and always have it staring at the sky,” Ross explains recently. in controversy with sales figures for Ghost of Tsushima, another PlayStation exclusive. “And then, in the meantime, before I attacked her, you had to level up, build factions, build your army, figure out how to get a spaceship to get up there or some other way to do it. The Resistance series had so many great character archetypes. There is an implicit ecosystem to use in terms of aliens. Once they arrive, they develop the technology, they start bringing their technology and they start using it to terraform and change the world. So it would have been a battle against the Chimera infrastructure that wanted to make humanity disappear ”.

Days Gone Legacy –

Ross also went into detail regarding the secondary missions, which would have elements like conversion centers and turrets to take down, with different enemies and weapons that would have ensured an important variety in the fights. With the Days Gone experience, it would have been relatively easy to set it all up. “It’s a loop degli open world – there is a NERO checkpoint, there is an enemy camp, there is an infested area ”, adds the director. “There are really so many possibilities, the game could have been huge. But that’s how it went. I didn’t spend more than a week there because nobody wanted it. For me, if we really didn’t have to do Days Gone 2, we could take advantage of our open world, all the lessons learned. Think about it! “.

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Resistance open world, the idea of ​​Bend Studio after the farewell to Days Gone 2