Pats masters in Buffalo: the New England wind blows on the NFL

Great victory, the seventh in a row, at the home of the Bills with gusts at 70 per hour. Fifth consecutive success for Kansas City in an Afc struggling to find the big favorite. Bucs: Brady’s star never sets. Lamar Jackson, what a stretch: the Ravens fall in Pittsburgh. The Cardinals overwhelm Chicago

Massimo Oriani


Great victory of the Pats on Monday Night that concluded the thirteenth day of the NFL. The 14-10 at the home of the Bills comes playing a football of the past. A wind that reached 70 km / h heavily influenced the game. New England adapted perfectly to the conditions, protecting the oval and running 46 times for 222 yards, with Mac Jones throwing only 3 times (2 complete for 19 yards). Nearly the league record of the same Bills who in 1974 closed the game with the Jets with two throws. Now the Pats are in first place in the conference and become a legitimate Super Bowl contender, with their seventh consecutive win. In the second half of the last 5 races they conceded 3 points in total. With a dominant attack line, an extraordinary pass rush with Matt Judon above all and a secondary one that has become a strong point with JC Jackson and Adrian Philips, anything is possible. Especially with a running game at these levels. And now New England also has the bye, never arrived so late in the history of the league, before going to Indy and hosting the Bills in the two races that in all probability will decide the top seed in the conference. While Buffalo on Sunday goes to Brady’s house …

Lamar … O

Lamar Jackson gives, Lamar Jackson takes away. The talent of the Ravens to taste is indisputable but at the same time his improvisations can be a double-edged sword. The umpteenth forcing with the interception in the end zone has cost the Ravens dearly. They didn’t lose for that, mind you. And to say that the Steelers seemed to have no chance after the last few games. Harbaugh’s choice to go from two on the last action is perplexing. If you are convinced that you have the strongest team, you play it overtime. The Ravens, on the other hand, lost the game and Marlon Humphrey, a very bad blow, for the rest of the championship with a tear in a bib.

Watch out for the Chiefs

Five victories in a row, perhaps without enchanting, with a few too many problems in the red zone. It took Daniel Sorensen a pick six to reach 20 points. But with a defense that finally seems to be up to a team that wants to make its way into the playoffs. In an AFC struggling to find the big favorite, Kansas City could also get back on top and finish at the top. It’s like in horror movies: when the killer is on the ground bleeding, he must be finished. Otherwise as soon as you turn around you can be sure that he gets up and hits you in the back.

Lucio Quinzio Cincinnato

He was a dictator twice in the first Public Res. Dictatorship (sports) that does not seem to be in the DNA of the Cincinnati Bengals. Who knows how it is but – knowing them – we expected the home tumble with the Chargers. Even though they didn’t make it to the shores of the Ohio in great shape. The 24-0 seemed to herald a massacre, canceled by the home comeback, thwarted by the usual final messes. With the ko of the Ravens, a wasted opportunity to take the top of the division.

Tom Tom

Before Google Maps or Waze, we turned with the Tom Tom navigator. What the Bucs use to find the way to victory. Sunday Brady fired 20 pitches in the first quarter, finishing with 51 (38 completed) for 4 tds. With 3771 yards and 34 passes from td he leads the league in both categories. And he shows no signs of wanting to take his foot off the accelerator. Now it’s 9-0 against Atlanta (one in particular comes to mind: does 28-3 tell you something?), And approaches John Elway’s sensational 11-0 against former Goat team, the Pats, career top for a to taste. Not even the umpteenth genius of Antonio Brown seems to have bothered Tampa. Brady’s two half passes for Gronk bring the career total for the most beautiful couple in the world to 89. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, however, remain far behind with 112.


Aretha Franklin has nothing to do with it. That’s what the Cards are asking for, capable of overwhelming the Bears in Chicago with the return of Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. And since with 10-2 they have the best balance in the league, it is time to give it to them. We remain convinced that they are not from the Super Bowl, but – numbers never lie, numbers never lie – if they are the only ones to have had an almost constant performance throughout the year, there must be a reason.

The first time is never forgotten

Dan Campbell tried hard to lose it. Playing that fourth down on his own 20 yards was an unsuccessful suicide attempt only because on the other side there were the Vikings, masters in the matter. In the end they did it (not to lose eh…) and it’s good for the players because it’s really hard to go 364 days without winning. The last time was in fact on December 4, 2020 in Chicago. Now they can calmly aim not to override the Jags and pocket the first choice. Maybe that Aiden Hutchinson who plays a few miles from Ford Field, Michigan’s defensive end among the Heisman candidates. How Mike Zimmer has not yet been sacked after defending the decisive drive remains a mystery.

Raised hands

Raise your hand if you didn’t think the 49ers were ripe for the classic bad match: anyone? Indeed. Jimmy G confirms more and more the goodness of the decision of the Pats to sell it. He would never be Brady’s heir. And maybe soon he won’t even be Alex Smith’s heir, with Trey Lance ready to take over.

Players of the week

In attack, the Tampa receiver Chris Godwin with 15 receptions, the maximum of the season in the NFL. In defense Tevaughn Campbell, cornerback of the Chargers, who with Joe Mixon’s fumble brought back in goal put an end to the Bengals comeback. Honorable mention for Adrian Phillips of the Pats.

Super Bowl of the week

We stay with the Packers, who enjoyed the bye, in the NFC. With Tampa knocking in the back. In Afc it is impossible not to say Pats after 7 victories in a row. It seems incredible that in just one year they have already returned to these levels. On the other hand, when Belichick trains you …

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Pats masters in Buffalo: the New England wind blows on the NFL