Milan, the incredible comeback is not enough: Real 75-73 wins

Crazy final at the Forum: Spaniards ahead of 11 points 2’57 “from the siren, but Olimpia mends all the disadvantage and at the last breath Delaney has the triple of the victory but he splinters the iron. Shields is injured, exams today

Incredible emotions at the Forum in the key match of the sixteenth day. Real pass on the Olimpia field in the evening dedicated to the great Gamba.


An incredible final rewards Real Madrid who crushes the Assago Forum and brings home two very heavy points. At 2’57 ”from the siren the Spaniards are ahead by 11 points and there Milan invents an incredible comeback. The triples of Shields and Datome send the Spaniards into a tailspin. Laso’s team (at home for Covid) wastes all the winning shots from the line, granting Delaney the triple of the possible victory. The shot on the siren, even well constructed, however, splinters the iron. Olimpia still has the merit of having played up to the gong against a candidate for the Final Four in Berlin and for the final victory. However, there is concern about Shields’ injury, who came out with a problem in his right hand.

The first half tells of an excellent Milan in defense but stammering in attack. Of course, in the Milanese 7/22 from two and the 2/8 from three there is also the excellent Madrid defense that grows with the passing of the minutes. The first siren slips away on the edge of equilibrium: 19-18 Milan, who manages to garrison the area thanks to a powerful Melli (8 rebounds), but Real finds the right man to mix up. Yabusele’s 9 points, with two triples, at the beginning of the second period launch the long host who also touches +10 (35-25). Olimpia scores only 8 points, making a mistake from below and relying only on Shields’ sortie. The zero lost by Real, in the fourth, put pressure, the 7/16 from three is worth 35-27 of the interval.

All in all, a slight gap for Milan which, however, must find an offensive pace to stay in the match. Shields and Delaney try to react by bringing Olimpia to -4 several times but the triple guests freeze any comeback attempt. Real closes with 13/27 from the arc, always in control, before those final three minutes all in which they risk frustrating everything. To put sand in the engine of Madrid’s certainties is the immoderate Milanese pride in a finale to be told. Delaney and then Shields’ triple seal the -6 (67-73), the Spaniards mess in the attack and on the remittances so Datome pockets the trepunti of -2 (72-74). Then Causeur goes to the line: he puts the first (75-72), misses the second but the rebound is from Tavares who sends Hanga back to the free.

Out the first and also the second but the referees whistle an invasion. The anger of the Forum explodes, but then the Hungarian also misses the third attempt. With 5 seconds to play, Milan returns with the ball in hand. Do it on Hall who goes to the line: slips the first and deliberately misses the second. The ball passes from hand to hand until it reaches those of Delaney whose triple splinter the iron on the siren. In this way, and only in this way, Real is celebrating.

Milano: Shields 18, Rodriguez 10, Delaney 9.

Real Madrid: Conversation 17, Yabusele 15, Llull 12.

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Milan, the incredible comeback is not enough: Real 75-73 wins