Miami, the seventh seal. Revenge of the Bills on … Bill

The Dolphins, who started 1-7, with the success in New Orleans on Monday Night have hit the seventh win in a row, remaining in the running for the playoffs. Buffalo beat Belichick by avenging the internal knockout of 3 weeks earlier

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Monday Night without history with Miami paving the remains of the Saints by winning 20-3 in New Orleans. Coach Sean Payton’s team was forced to field fourth quarterback Ian Book (2 interceptions and 8 sacks suffered), who thus extended the streak of games lost from Notre Dame to 24 (4 by Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen, 15 by DeShone Kizer and, in fact, one by Book), a negative record for a university since 1950 (the most absurd statistics of the series are found only in the USA). Dolphins instead that do not stop anymore: with the seventh consecutive victory they became the first team in the history of the NFL to put on a similar streak after having instead lost 7 consecutively.

But to hit the playoffs they will have to win the last two as well, the next one at the Titans’ home and the last one with the Patriots. If they beat Nashville, with New England’s more than likely success at home on the Jags, they would arrive at what would effectively be a playoff to enter the postseason. With the Pats who do not have exactly good memories in Miami … The defeat of the Saints facilitates the path towards the Eagles playoffs, which started 2-5 and now 8-7. If they beat Washington on Sunday, the 49ers overtake Houston and Green Bay fold Minnesota, they would already be in with a day to spare.

Revenge, terrible revenge

Buffalo had been looking forward to her for a couple of weeks, after being humiliated at home by Bill Belichick, who was able to win at Orchard Park by throwing only 3 times. This time the Bills dominated, much more than the final score (33-21) says. Josh Allen was almost perfect. The Bills of the beginning of the season seem to be back. And perhaps together with the Titans net of returns (of course, Derrick Henry above all), the only real alternative to the Chiefs in the AFC. Strange as today it would not be madness to think of seeing the same 4 teams in the championship as of a year ago: Chiefs-Bills and Bucs-Packers. New England is back on earth, Mac Jones in the first place. But making the playoffs (still largely within reach) with a freshman qb and a team that is three quarters new would already be a great result.

Tampa bus? Dura…

This doesn’t seem to be the year of Tampa. When you win the Super Bowl, everything must be fine, especially in the injury department. And instead the Bucs lose pieces every Sunday (apart from Covid). Against the Panthers even without 57% of their attack in terms of yards (Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin) they walked (but why does Cam Newton keep playing? He is clearly long gone, with all due respect). Now Shaq Barrett has stopped as well. They are signals.

Difesa Packers

Green Bay looks like the team to beat. The attack is deadly with Aaron Rodgers still in the running for the mvp. But the defense misses. It grants too many long drives. And you don’t always find a Baker Mayfield who gives you 4 times the oval. The playoffs will need to level up to get to the bottom.

Raiders come Myers

Horror fans know well how Michael Myers, star of the Halloween franchise, never dies. Here, the Raiders this year are the Myers of the NFL. Every time you give them up, they get up and hit you in the back. They won in Cleveland, and now beat the Broncos too, getting back in the running for the playoffs.

Houston doesn’t have a problem

But do you want to see that Davis Mills can be the answer to the Texans’ qb problem? Chosen on the third round, he’s playing much better than some first picks. The victory over the Chargers is surprising, however, beyond the very heavy absences at home LA (from Joey Bosa to Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler). Or rather, the defeat of the former San Diego is astonishing.

playoff situation

In the AFC the Chiefs have won the division. Tennessee is playing with Indy and Cincy with … potentially all the other three (Pittsburgh we leave her in just because the arithmetic doesn’t condemn her). Buffalo can now only commit suicide to lose the East (he has Falcons and Jets at home and is ahead with the Pats in case of an even finish). The 3 wild cards remain: Pats quite calm, then one between Titans and Colts, while the last place should be played by Raiders, Ravens and Chargers, unless Miami does the bang in Nashville. In short, with two days to go, almost everything is still to be decided. In the NFC the situation is much clearer: already in Packers, Cowboys, Rams, Bucs and Cardinals. 49ers (with Garoppolo who has a fractured right thumb and a broken ligament, but seen how he played against the Titans maybe that’s good …) and Eagles favorite for the last two spots with Vikings, Saints and Falcons in theory still in able to overcome them.

players of the week

In attack Joe Burrow. The qb of the Bengals launched for 525 yards and 4 td against the remains of the Ravens. Only Norm Van Brocklin (554), Warren Moon (527) and Matt Schaub (527) did better than Lsu’s former quarterback. Who kept his foot on the accelerator until the end, admitting that a little bit of the sentences of the Baltimore defensive coordinator had to do with the choice to continue throwing. Martindale had said: “Bravo eh, but let’s not put him in the Hall of Fame already”. A nice silence … In defense of Trevon Diggs of the Cowboys for his 11th interception of the season. Not bad for a freshman who was a receiver in his freshman year of college.

the super bowl of the week

Chiefs-Packers more than ever. The prices of Bills and Titans in the AFC rise. In the NFC, on the other hand, the advantage of Green Bay expands. At the moment.

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Miami, the seventh seal. Revenge of the Bills on … Bill