Martina Fidanza heart surgery for a tachycardia: “I’m fine, I’ll be back stronger”

The 22-year-old from Bergamo, world champion in scratching, had abnormal arrhythmias in training. Ablation of the right atrium performed at the Ancona hospital with the team of doctors Dello Russo and Corsetti. The study of the files from the on-board computer of the bike, which highlighted these heart rate peaks, was decisive

Martina Fidanza smiles from the bed of the Torrette hospital in Ancona. The 22-year-old from Bergamo, who thrilled at the World Championship track in Roubaix with gold in scratch and silver in the team pursuit quartet, underwent an ablation of her heart in the right atrium. An operation similar to that of Elia Viviani in January. “I am delighted to be able to say that the heart operation went well. I thank Dr. Corsetti and Dello Russo for having treated me in the best possible way. Now a period of rest awaits me but I can’t wait to get back on the saddle stronger than before! ”, Writes Fidanza in a post on Instagram. And the Federciclismo of president Cordiano Dagnoni adds: “The heart operation went well for Martina Fidanza! Good recovery Marti, we can’t wait to see you back in the saddle! ”.

The key On several occasions, in moments of recovery after exertion, Fidanza has experienced sudden increases in heart rate. The solution came after the analysis of the training and competition files: now the technology at the service of sport (such as hardware and software) is of such a level that an athlete, of any discipline, is monitored (even remotely) with tools very sophisticated. From the files, which are stored in real time during the efforts from the on-board computer on the bike and then downloaded once the training or race is over and sent to the coach / trainer, the doctors have become aware of these anomalous tachycardia peaks . The Federciclismo advised Fidanza to contact the Lancisi University Hospital of Ancona, a department of cardiology and arrhythmology of the highest level, directed by Professor Antonio Dello Russo. With him collaborates Roberto Corsetti, cardiologist and sports doctor, referent of the health activity of the national cycling teams and head of the B&B Medical Center in Imola.

The operation The surgery is now routine in sports and non-athletes. An endo-cavity electrophysiological study was carried out: the probes entered the femoral arteries and, with radiofrequency, the electrical points of the cells that had become irritated were cleaned in the right atrium. In the operating room, the arrhythmia was induced again and the electrically unstable area of ​​the heart was seen very clearly. Further stimuli, after the intervention, gave negative results. Under the left clavicle, a small plate (2 cm by 2 cm, it is called a loop recorder) was inserted, which records cardiac activity and sends it, through the mobile phone, directly to Ancona. The Fidanza will have to rest at least one month before being able to gradually resume competitive activity.

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Martina Fidanza heart surgery for a tachycardia: “I’m fine, I’ll be back stronger”