Lipták feeds pheasants on Christmas Day, some athletes will also play at Christmas –

“We may have a bit of an unconventional tradition. I am a passionate hunter, so we go to nature with children to feed wildlife – pheasants, hares, roe deer. We will go to the forest on Christmas morning,” Lipták, who finished fourth in the Czech poll Athlete of the year.

“I have three relatively young children. If we want to keep all the traditions, it’s such a hurricane that we basically don’t stand a chance. We’ll always rest until December 26. But I’m looking forward to it. There’s not much time and Christmas is the only time when a person is calm, “added another shooter David Kostelecký, who won a silver medal at the Olympics in Tokyo after a shootout in the final with Lipták.

Olympic judo winner Lukáš Krpálek is also looking forward to relaxing after a challenging season. “I don’t put up with gifts much, but rather for the Christmas holiday. It’s most beautiful with children when you see a smile on their faces,” said the winner of the Athlete of the Year poll. “As a little kid, I really wanted a toy car, I never got it. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I was an adult that I was happy about it.”

Olympic water slalom winner Jiří Prskavec returned shortly before Christmas from a training camp in Réunion, where he was with his whole family. They had the illumination of the house ready. “We have an elf who allegedly flew out of Reunion earlier and made lights around our barracks. No one solves the fact that I climbed there on the roof three hours before departure,” the kayaker told a story for his two sons.

The lights did not last completely during their absence. “I plugged everything into the sockets and we wound the elves in one cable. Suddenly I saw that half of the cable was broken from the snow and it all froze me,” said Prskavec. When he wanted to fix everything, he found that the roof was sliding and preferred to give it up. “So half of the roof isn’t lit,” he added third in the Athlete of the Year poll.

Kayaker Jiří Prskavec at the World Championships in Bratislava.Photo: Nina Jelenc

While the best Czech footballer of the autumn part of the season, Patrik Schick, will return to the Czech Republic from Leverkusen in Germany, his national team mate Tomáš Vaclík has stayed in Greece, where he has been defending the colors of Olympiakos Piraeus since the summer.

“I’m a little sorry that we won’t be looking at the Czech Republic for Christmas this year either. We had a cup yesterday and the Greek league has almost no breaks. We have morning training on December 28. With all the restrictions, it wouldn’t make sense to just fly home. we will have a Christmas walk along the beach, which will also have its charm, “Vaclík remarked on Facebook.

One match and colors of Dinam Minsk, which will be presented on the ice of Kunlun, grove and the Czech national team Krejčík, will be played directly on Christmas Day at KHL. As usual, the hockey national team under the age of 20, which is ahead of the World Cup in Canada, will experience a specific December 24th.

On Friday night, coach Karel Mlejnek’s charges are waiting for the general against Switzerland. Subsequently, the line-up narrows before the whole team can enjoy dinner together. “We also have a present for the boys and I think we are all looking forward to it. We hope that it will be one of the good articles of entering the championship,” Mlejnek wished.

New Orleans basketball player Tomáš Satoranský will play in the NBA game in Orlando at the same time as the hockey team. The second Czech representative in the overseas competition, Vít Krejčí, was missing in the last matches of Oklahoma, and his start in Phoenix is ​​uncertain. The coach of the Czech basketball team, Ronen Ginzburg, will lead the Promethey team in the Ukrainian league directly on Christmas Day.

Another Czech basketball star, Jan Veselý, will play in the Fenerbahce Istanbul jersey in the Turkish league on the 25th of December, and a match in the colors of Yokohama awaits another Patrik Aud representative in faraway Japan.

“By playing normally on Saturdays and Sundays, we have training tomorrow. I’ll just buy some fried fish and potato salad for lunch, which they have here, and make a Christmas lunch like that. Then I’ll call my parents home to wish them and hear them and “That’s probably all. Since I’m not in the Czech Republic, I don’t really experience the Christmas atmosphere. At the same time, it’s not much to see outside in Japan,” Auda told ČTK.

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Lipták feeds pheasants on Christmas Day, some athletes will also play at Christmas –