Giani: “A strong and talented group, this Modena can fly high”

The coach talks about 13 victories in a row: “We are a complete team. The Cev Cup? We want to go all the way”

Thirteen consecutive victories. A ladder that gave a vertical impetus to Modena, after a traumatic start: second place in the standings, second place in the Cev Cup and quarter-finals of the Italian Cup in sight. In practice, Giani’s team went from eighth place to sixth day of the championship (ko on November 14 with Civitanova) accompanied by generalized discontent and rumors of exemption from the coach, to the current second with 10 consecutive victories in the championship and three in Europe, ready to start the decisive moment of the season in growing form: “From experience – says Andrea Giani, 51, in the third championship on the Leo Shoes bench – the beginning of the season is always an unknown factor: you have to set the work, the players do not know you, the condition is not predictable. What we did well, all of us, in a demanding square like this, was shielding the outside and finding a solution together for the growth of the team. The participation of the players in the work was It was not like pressing a button, of course, but like a path that has its own times. In fact, after the knockout of Civitanova we were certain that we had worked well despite the defeat. “

And from then on, Modena never lost any more. What is the value of this streak in a championship as divided as the current one?

“A very high value. They have all been real games that have made us recover points and come from the quality of the work done all together”.

What is the best quality of this team?

“It is complete in every phase, ball change, break phase … Then you can’t train certain individual plays, they are part of the talent of some athletes, you have them or you don’t have them”.

The whole team is growing, from the most experienced like Nimir to the youngest like Sala and Riccardo Gollini.

“Nimir is making a big step forward. I have known him since I was coaching Milan and he was at the beginning of his role change (the orange bomber started his career as a setter, ed). over the course of the season his participation in all, absolutely all, phases of the game has grown a lot. I am very happy because they are not obvious progress and if he maintains this quality he confirms himself as a high-level player. We have already included Gollini since last year. He is a very cold one. When Rossini was out he showed his qualities: a great sense of position in defense and now he is also growing in reception. I think the most significant is the tranquility of his teammates when he enters the field. And Sala too has carved out a beautiful space for itself. These are important investments in youngsters from 2000 and 2002 who are gaining experience in Super League races “.

Now the litmus test begins with the decisive challenges: Kevin Tillie’s Tours in Cev (the team started this morning) and the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup on Sunday, waiting for the opponent between Piacenza and Monza (with the last recovery of the first leg tomorrow Piacenza could overtake Monza in fifth place). The expectations of the Modena environment are very high.

“In any case, the quarter of the Italian Cup will be with a challenging opponent. We have many players used to playing this type of matches, who can’t wait to face matches that match the history of the club and the public. to say that we first started playing games from inside or outside because when we started the comeback we couldn’t afford to lose any more points, so for us they were already all games from inside or outside. Now let’s think about Tours in the Cup in an away match that we are worried about the situation of the pandemic, given the situation in France too. We take all possible precautions, we respect the protocols, but it seems to me that there are risks for everyone and they are not easily avoidable. We have been lucky so far. compared to other teams. But we care about the Cev Cup, it is always a European trophy, we want to go all the way. It is a good competition and a volleyball different from the championship is played. training “.

Has the contagion situation changed the values ​​of the Super League?

“It doesn’t seem to me, the championship is very balanced, no team is at zero defeats, not even Perugia who dominated the first round, they are all close in the evaluation. Of course the situation is borderline with all these postponements and the few dates available. But it is something we do not have direct control over so it is useless to dwell too much. We can only try to do our utmost in what we do. We know that in times of emergency we need to find different solutions. Direct clashes will be important. ”

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Giani: “A strong and talented group, this Modena can fly high”