Gatti: “I suffered at the construction site. And I’ll be the last to give up. Now Chiellini’s point”

The Frosinone defender was a bricklayer, now he is worth 10 million and Juve likes it: “I know what fatigue is”

Nicola Binda

He left Turin when he was a bricklayer, he could come back to play for Juventus. Federico Gatti is one of the revelations of Serie B: Frosinone values ​​him 10 million and has received Juventus’ appreciation (but also from Naples, Bologna, Sassuolo and other A clubs). Unlike Moreno Torricelli, who was a carpenter and played in Serie D before going to Turin, this 190 cm central defender had to climb all categories from the Promotion to win. Working hard, on and off the pitch, for exponential growth: it is the answer to the football of algorithms, that of those who go looking for talents in the most remote corners of the world without noticing those under their house.

Was life hard on the construction site?

“A lot. I also worked on the general markets, then I worked as a bricklayer, window fabricator, or repaired roofs. I got up at dawn, even in the cold: it was very hard. But it was very formative”.

“I worked and played to make up for it, then when my father was unemployed the extra push came: he had made many sacrifices for me and I had to reciprocate. Family is everything”.

His tattoos say it.

“All for the family, the journey of life. I am an only child, I hope to have many. I have a girlfriend from Verbania who was already there when I had nothing, if I reach the top I will share it with those who were already there before” .

Promotion, Excellence, Serie D, Serie C and Serie B. The next step is obvious…

“The A is missing, but if I think about it I risk letting my guard down and losing concentration: I can’t afford it. I’m not interested in talking about it, really.”

He is a defender, but as a boy he played in midfield. And then?

“In Pavarolo, in Excellence, the money ran out and so all the players left: I didn’t, because I just wanted to play. So the club promoted the Juniores and, since I was the tallest of all, the coach me he defended and changed my life ».

On the pitch you are not exactly a little lamb: where does this handsome tough character come from?

“I took from my father, and from the anger I have inside. It is a revenge for me. I found closed doors, in the youth sectors of Turin and Alessandria I had no space. I want to impose myself.”

“I’ll be the last to quit” is her WhatsApp status.

“It is my life motto, on and off the pitch: I am like that. And I commit myself to Edu, a non-profit organization that raises funds for the educational development of those in need”.

Going up in the category, the values ​​change, yet you have always been among the best in terms of performance: how do you do it?

“The differences are there and they are huge, I try to improve myself in training, because I want to arrive and be someone. I don’t lack the desire to sacrifice. And I also surprised myself, I didn’t think I would have such an impact in Serie B. “.

Her CEO Angelozzi, who discovered her in the Pro Patria, says of her: “She is a Chiellini with Bonucci’s feet”. Are you exaggerating?

“Yes come on, they are risky comparisons … How can I be compared to people like that? After all, I only played 16 games in Serie B … But Chiellini is the footballer I am inspired by, for his mentality: he never gives up too “.

He scored two goals on Saturday: Did last week’s transfer rumors load it?

“At this point it’s better to hear about it more often! Seriously, I repeat: I don’t think about the A, I can’t afford it.”

What do your agent Paolillo, the one who brought Kakà to Italy, and his son Dario advise you?

“They tell me to give my best in every training session, they and Angelozzi take care of things off the pitch. I’m calm.”

But is she worth 10 million?

“That’s a lot of money … If they say so, it means they believe in me a lot and I’m glad”.

His coach Fabio Grosso also started from the bottom and became world champion.

“I wish I did half of what he did! He talks to me often, he told me about his experience, he helps me a lot”.

Sunday in Pisa will have to mark Lucca, Turin like her.

“For me, every game is like a final, I always find very strong attackers and I only think about not letting them score and winning the game.”

But how many Federico Gatti are there in the lower categories?

“Many. But what makes you stand out is your head, you must never be satisfied. It’s not enough to play well if you want to grow “.

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Gatti: “I suffered at the construction site. And I’ll be the last to give up. Now Chiellini’s point”