Boom Covid, the Nets with seven positives play without training

Situation at the limit in New York, the players meet only before the game, Galloway made his debut without having met coaches and teammates. And the League runs for cover

The most complex challenge for NBA clubs at the moment seems to be navigating somehow between a real explosion of Covid infections. While the League is trying to run for cover by increasing the frequency of tests also to vaccinated players (97%) and inserting a series of limitations, in agreement with the players association, the teams still have to deal with a very particular reality. .

An extreme case

The Nets know something about it, who have found themselves with seven positives and a revolutionized roster in which players totally on the margins like David Duke Jr. and Kessler Edwards are carving out an unexpected minute, however, also giving a surprising production to coach Nash. “Ours is an extreme case – underlines Steve Nash in the pre-match of the challenge then won almost heroically by the rest of the Nets – we have the minimum number of players available to avoid a postponement, but we are forced to ask for additional efforts. in terms of playing time, to several basketball players, KD in particular, and it’s not a sustainable thing “. In Brooklyn, not only the restrictions were triggered but also a bit of paranoia, understandable given that positivity continues to arrive between the team, staff and managers. On Thursday before the Nash conference, the PR of the Nets had “suggested” reporters not to physically go to the press room, precisely for fear of possible infections, but to follow it via zoom. A move that goes back in time, to last season, when players and coaches could only be seen by reporters on zoom.

Alternative solutions

On a practical level, the explosion of infections in the Nets’ locker room forces the technical staff to jump through hoops to try to prepare the matches. Canceled training, “shoot around” and even video sessions, the players then meet only before the game to fine-tune a decidedly complex gameplan. The latest arrival Langston Galloway, for example, made his debut on Thursday without having had the opportunity to meet technicians and teammates in person, showing up in practice at Barclays a couple of hours before the match. “It is a complicated situation – continues Nash – with Galloway we could not do anything, not even a shooting session, he presented himself to the team and coaching staff in the pre-match of the match against Philadelphia.” And in the end, considering the total emergency faced by the coach Canadian, the former Suns also took the field, playing nine minutes. Of course in such a context it helps to have a certain Kevin Durant (39.7 points in the last three games, conditioned by absences) who is showing great leadership by putting his own comfortable with younger players and then be ready whenever Brooklyn needs a basket.

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Boom Covid, the Nets with seven positives play without training