ANTOŠ’S BLADE: I’m telling you I’m not saying anything. Messrs. Peshan and Nedvěd, that was a disappointment! –

And there are so many question marks. I understand that the nominations may change by January 24, so now some names have been reported due to the WWTP plenary, which takes place on Friday. But why have they only nominated 24 players now, when 25 of them are on the roster?

Question mark number 1 is why Petr Nedvěd did not call the nominated players? Instead, he said it wasn’t on the agenda to call them now. On the contrary, I think it takes five minutes to call a player and tell him that he was chosen, that we want him and that we are looking forward to him. So multiply 24 times 5 by how much time you would lose. In addition, it is a basic relationship between the general manager and the player.

I hope that we will be the black horse of the Olympic hockey tournament, believes Filip PešánVideo:, Czech hockey

Another question: So was it a nomination or not? Because to the specific question why Jašek, Chlapík or Gulaš are missing, we get the answer that they are actually selected, they are just not in this nomination …

Or another bead. Pešán says that the nomination may still change dramatically, for example due to a decrease in the form of a player. For God’s sake, what kind of form can the KHL boys, which have been interrupted and are no longer playing, have? Or did he mean the Blacksmith, Červenka, Frolík and Stránský from Switzerland, who play there in the first place and are here for the Olympics?

So who are they talking about? Only about the players from the extra league and Smejkal from Finland and the Zohorn brothers and Špaček from Sweden? And how will coaches react to declining form? Like if someone trains badly, they replace them? Pešán’s reaction is simply absolutely incomprehensible to a normal hockey player.

What does Filip Pešán say about the criticism of Milan Antoš? Will the performance of the Czech team at the Olympics improve?Video:, Czech hockey

All in all, Thursday’s nomination afternoon was an exemplary example of what is happening in our hockey now. And that it probably can’t go on like this. Someone has to take it for granted in June. The whole Czech hockey nation should push for fundamental changes. Because standing up in front of people and saying, “I’m telling you, I’m not saying anything and that it can all be different,” he’s just embarrassed.

Now for the nomination. Patrik Bartošák is a surprise among the goalkeepers. In Khabarovsk, however, he proved his form and the coaches put mainly on the coach of goalkeepers Orct, who chose him. I didn’t quite understand Petr Nedvěd’s words that goalkeepers Hrubec, Will and Bartošák are on the same starting line. At this point, they should have known long ago who would start catching if everyone was healthy.

Probably everyone expected Jeřábek and Klok to be nominated by the defenders, someone may be surprised by Mozík and Knot, but I think they could both handle it. I certainly wouldn’t be afraid that Knot doesn’t have much to do in the national team. Last season in Liberec and now in Nizhnekamsk shows really good hockey.

Czech hockey has long been at the interplay of pairs, so we all stare with great surprise that the Kovář-Gulaš duo, which was held in Moscow in December, tore up the coaches and did not nominate Milan. This is the biggest surprise of the nomination for me. Not the absence of Chlapík or Jašek, who are at the club level, but did not show much in the national team this season.

Let’s not look at the Canadian points of the nominated players now, but it affects me in such a way that the coaches have chosen distinctive players who are able to agree and play a tournament so that it is not a mess so that no one wants to go home.

Filip Pešán said that this team could become the black horse of the Olympics. Can it be like that. I’m not saying it’s badly assembled. He is very experienced and has character. The kind of group that wants to pull together and win. I don’t really have anything against that choice. I just feel that, rather than a bold choice, it’s such a bet on the classics and it’s a question of not missing the energy of youth.

I also miss the classic shooter a bit more. Maybe someone will score goals during the tournament. Maybe Matěj Stránský could become one.

Milan Antos

Milan Antoš is a former hockey striker, today an assistant coach of the Slavia youth and a co-commentator of the Czech Television. He played in the Czech extra league for twelve seasons, playing for Slavia, Plzeň, Jihlava and Ústí nad Labem. He won the title with the people of Prague in 2003 and bronze in 2000, and silver with the West Bohemians four years later.

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ANTOŠ’S BLADE: I’m telling you I’m not saying anything. Messrs. Peshan and Nedvěd, that was a disappointment! –