August 3, 2021

“So they killed him.” The mother covers her eyes

A little less than a year after the tragedy of Willy Monteiro Duarte, today in court some witnesses told what they saw the night between 5 and 6 September last in Colleferro, where the young man lost his life to a terrible assault. Lucia, Willy’s mother, at one point covered her eyes with her hands, as if he didn’t want to see the words of Jorghe Zequiri, yet another witness called to tell the facts in the courtroom of the Assize Court of the Court of Frosinone.

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The woman relived in the courtroom the torture of the attack on her son. He stamps his feet, rubs his forehead, bends over, while the boy tells the judge about the “violent, savage” beating. “They seemed trained to do such a thing. It was a savage attack, with kicks and punches in the chest, in the chest – says Jorghe – I saw Willy fall to the ground, behind a car, and those who continued to kick him. It was surrounded by three or four people. ‘

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«Pincarelli also kicked Willy»

“Mario Pincarelli also kicked Willy while he was on the ground.” He said it Matteo Larocca, heard as a witness in the Willy murder trial. It was he who called for help, and again he who supplied a carabiniere with the frames of the van on the run. “When the Bianchi brothers got back on the SUV together with the others, I took the phone and took two photos as they were leaving – he explained in the courtroom – and I sent them to the police marshal.”

“The Q7 SUV arrived and nailed it. Four or five people got off from that, including Gabriele and Marco Bianchi. They started savagely beating everyone there. Willy was the closest, Gabriele kicked him in the chest making him fly into a parked car, a Punto. His back slammed into the door on the left side. He jumped up, from there I saw that they were attacking him, even while he was on the ground. It all happened in thirty seconds, even my friend Samuele was hit with a kick in the neck, but by Marco Bianchi, while Willy was beaten. My friend Samuele got in the way, saying to leave Willy alone who had nothing to do with it, he was screaming ‘enough! enough! ‘, and they beat him too ».

Willy in the wrong place at the wrong time

«I saw the Bianchi brothers get off the SUV; just behind them, Belleggia and Pincarelli joined them. The four advanced like a phalanx. Theirs was a random assault. Willy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. ‘ He said it Christian Romani, one of the witnesses heard in the courtroom. The boy told the judge that he saw all four defendants, Marco and Gabriele Bianchi, Francesco Belleggia and Mario Pincarelli, advance towards the spot where Willy was attacked.

«That night I heard a voice scream ‘The Whites are coming and I saw a dark-colored Audi SUV darting along via Bruno Buozzi until it stopped just before the police station. I remember both the Bianchi brothers getting out of the car, in front of them was Gabriele, the tallest, who ran down from the right side with open hands, and his brother Marco on the other ». «I saw Gabriele (Bianchi, ed) hit Willy with a kick to the sternum pulled in a furious, powerful way. I saw Willy fall and get up again, ending up on the ground again – continues the boy – Initially I thought he was passed out. There were a lot of people, but I saw the SUV go away as it came, Belleggia and Pincarelli had also gone away, but I don’t know where. When they started giving Willy heart massage, I walked away. ‘

“Willy wasn’t sharing anyone”

“Willy was standing there watching the scene, his role in the scene was absolutely passive. He wasn’t sharing anyone and I can’t explain why they took it out on him. ” He said it Alessandro Rosati, one of the witnesses heard this morning by the judge of the Court of Assizes of Frosinone, where the hearing of the trial for the murder of Willy Monteiro Duarte is underway. “I saw the Bianchi brothers arrive, whom I knew by sight. One of them kicked Willy and I saw him fall. It was a kick thrown by someone who knew how to throw it, a martial arts kick ».

Answering the questions of the prosecutor Giovanni Taglialatela, the boy heard in the hearing of the trial that sees accused Marco and Gabriele Bianchi, Mario Pincarelli and Francesco Belleggia, has reconstructed the dynamics of the events that led to the death of the 21-year-old Cape Verdean. «That between 5 and 6 September was an evening like many others, spent with friends. Around 2 we decided to go home, but when we were going down the stairs to reach the parking lot, my attention was called by my friend Massimiliano who told me about some annoying appreciations addressed to my girlfriend. I asked him to point out the two, I knew them by sight, they were Francesco Belleggia and Mario Pincarelli».

«I went back – he continues in the courtroom of the Court of Assizes of the Court of Frosinone – to go and talk to Francesco, asking him for explanations. After reassuring me, saying that it had been his friend, who had been drinking, he also apologized on his part. The discussion seemed to have ended there, but then Federico told me that he had been hit by Belleggia. There was therefore a new discussion about the place of the attack, the Bianchi brothers arrived shortly thereafter, I saw Willy football and I called Federico (Zurma, the friend of whom the victim had defended, ed. ) to invite him to leave, because I understood that the situation was taking a bad turn ».

Crowd around Willy, he had convulsions

“I had known Willy since school, we are both cooks and when we met we talked about work, about girlsHe says instead Federico Zurma, friend of Willy. «I saw him again that evening, half an hour before Belleggia suddenly punched me and knocked me down the stairs. In Belleggia (Francesco, ed) I simply went to ask for explanations on why his friend (who later told me was Mario Pincarelli) had made unwelcome appreciations to a girl who was in my group. When he knocked me over, I fainted, I came back a little later and saw Belleggia again at the scene of the attack. We confronted each other again, this time with some push, until the arrival of the Bianchi brothers. The square was filled with people ».

«The two brothers only touched me, ending up on the boys who separated us. I saw that they began to kick and punch people – continues the boy – I was petrified. At that point my friend Alessandro took me by the arm and told me ‘these are dangerous people, let’s go. I turned around and after 5 paces a voice shouted ‘Willy to hold. A crowd gathered around him as Willy was convulsing. There were those who tried to make him breathe better – continues Federico Zurma – There were a lot of people and I decided to step back, to make room and I went away ».

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