August 3, 2021

“Slave”, “dirty black” … Angry delivery men after racist acts

“Respect for delivery people. Stop insults-aggression-racism – contempt-devaluation. “ This is the slogan inscribed on the banner of the Collective of Autonomous Delivery Platforms (CLAP), which called for a rally, Friday, June 18, Place de la République, in Paris. An initiative that comes after several close racist acts against delivery men, generally by bicycle, while the activity is experiencing a decline linked to the reopening of restaurants.

“Hurry up, slave. I’ll give you a dime, you deserve it. “ In Laval (Mayenne), this insult that a client sent on May 14 to Yaya Guirassy on his phone while he was on his bike to deliver his order turns in the head of this 34-year-old man from Guinea. . Father of two children, eight and six years old, he is still flabbergasted by the violence of this message. “I told Uber Eats that I couldn’t make this delivery because I was angry, I don’t know how I would have reacted to the customer. “ The platform canceled the order and says it has “Permanently deactivated the customer’s account”.

“I am hurt morally. When I saw the message, my daughter told me: she’s not nice, this lady ”, Yaya Guirassy, ​​Uber delivery man in Laval

Since then, Mr. Guirassy, ​​still shocked, has not been able to return to work. He no longer has any income, being self-employed as required by most platforms. His companion, caregiver, “Worry” for him because nightmares wake him up. He consults ” a psychologist “. “I am hurt morally. Upon seeing the message, my daughter said to me: she is not nice, this lady. “ He filed a complaint. At Laval delivery staff, “Who are 98% of African origin, most reacted with tears in their eyes, testifies Rammeh Zaraï, spokesperson for the Laval delivery group, who accompanied Mr. Guirassy to file a complaint. Since then, they have been psychologically exhausted, as if everyone had been insulted. “

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On May 31, another delivery man, a Senegalese student employed in a pizzeria, was beaten up in Paris, in the 10e district, by several people, who snatched the dishes from him without paying. On May 30 at around 10:30 p.m., in Cergy (Val-d’Oise), Dieugrot Joseph, delivery man for Uber Eats, who was coming to pick up an order in a restaurant, came across a man who asked him to turn off his music. “Out of kindness, I lowered the volume of my speaker”, says this Haitian, father of four children. Displeased, the man punched him in the face and punched him again when he was down, calling him ” slave “ and of “Dirty Black”.

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