Zucchero’s determination: «We can’t stand the pandemic anymore. Closed at home I was getting old “

“Or now, or never.” Here it is Discover by Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, the cover album released on November 19th, anticipated by Follow you follow me rereading by Genesis. She sings with Mahmood in Vera Hall’s Natural blues, with Bono, with Elisa in Luce, a song written together, winner of Sanremo 2001, there is a cameo by Fabrizio De Andrè. «A cover album is needed in the career of an artist. If we hadn’t stopped, maybe I never would have done it. ‘

What was it like to experience the pandemic?
“In the beginning, traumatic. I was working on a great tour. The first two months I went into depression. Then I started doing, perhaps too much: from solo concerts in Piazza San Marco to Venice and at the Colosseum to September with Sting. I’m fine at home, but staying too long gives me the feeling of getting old earlier. I also voiced, for the first time, Clay Calloway in the animated film Sing 2: the rock ‘n roll lion, gruff but tender. A bit like me (laughs, ed) ».

A record in which he stripped songs.
“Dressing them up my way. Songs I would have liked to write myself. I interpreted and arranged them, choosing them from 500 titles. Inside are my two souls: the love for Afro-American music from Old town road, Motherless child, High flyin ‘bird, and my roots of Italian melody. Always with respect, not bothering artists or untouchable songs ».

«Image or Baptists. Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum, for example, is one of those songs that excite me only in the original version. Perhaps because it was among the first that I learned to play with the organ, in elementary school. For Luce di Elisa, it’s the same thing: Adele can sing it too, but the effect would be different. It was more difficult to choose the Italian songs ».

“For fear of confrontation perhaps. I confronted myself here, with Michael Stipe or with Bono for Let your love be known, a song that talks about struggle but aimed at the positive. We need positivity. We can no longer stand a pandemic ».

What about no vax?
“Everyone does what he wants. The important thing is to get out of this situation. The only way for now seems to be to get vaccinated. I got vaccinated: for music this and more ».

And the politicians?
“They found themselves dealing with something new and complex. But it is also true that popular culture has almost ignored it. They don’t give a shit about musicians … ».

In the album also the voice of De Andrè.
“In I saw Nina fly. A cameo. The idea was by Dori Ghezzi. When his voice arrives, it’s wow effect ».

The Mäneskin have been applauded lately for the cover, Beggin ‘.
«I am a phenomenon. I could write for them. Rock is watered down by the excess of politically correct and they have filled the void with irreverent rock. They are transgressive, they have a splitting alchemy. A little bit of Led Zeppelin, of Rolling Stones, of Jimmy Page. They have to take advantage of the moment and not do like me: in the days of Senza una donna I gave up the world tour and the tribute to Ray Charles. I was not well, I had panic attacks. Love plays bad tricks (even if Miserere was born from that period). But the trains pass, unfortunately ».

A song of yours that would change today?
“Women. I would rewrite it as it is, but without the du-du-du (laughs, ed) “

Awaiting you: 14 dates at the Verona Arena in May 2022, the concert with Eric Clapton, and a European tour in important locations. A place where he has never performed?
«Taken by megalomania (laughs, ed), I mean the Teatro alla Scala. Would be a dream”.

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Zucchero’s determination: «We can’t stand the pandemic anymore. Closed at home I was getting old ”