X Factor, final for four between rock and songwriting

Three heats will decide the Italian X Factor of 2021. The appointment is the one with the final of the show signed by Sky and produced by Fremantle, scheduled for the evening of Thursday 9, at 9.15 pm, live from the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (where the expected capacity is 5700 people in the audience) on Sky, in simulcast on TV8 and streaming on NOW. The last act of the musical competition will take place in the name of balance, with one competitor each for each judge. Manuel Agnelli, Emma, ​​Hell Raton and Mika will compete for the final respectively with Bengala Fire, gIANMARIA, Baltimore and Fellow. On the X Factor stage the Maneskin will return as guests, while the international guests will be Coldplay. «Seeing the Maneskin on this stage will be an emotion – said Agnelli, waiting to see his Bengala Fire back in action – also because they are bringing so much attention to what happens at X Factor. Their success is due to various factors: they are great communicators and this has helped them to reach all over the world without adapting but rather provoking, but they are also hard workers. They managed to enter that virtuous spiral that happens once every few years and it is good that it happened with them ». Protagonist of the 2021 edition, also a lot of songwriting. «I like it – commented Mika – also because this has allowed us to work on more classic reinterpretations of the songs. With Fellow it was not an easy journey, because television is also a difficult thing to interpret. Those with a kind of modesty are likely to appear cold, while credible characteristics may seem less so through the screen. It was a work of delicacy and mutual trust. Fun, but in a serious way ». Emma, ​​who will be among the big names in Sanremo 2022, has also focused on the ideas and personality of her competitor. personal choices, to avoid confusion or showing up with a dress that does not represent him one hundred percent, also in view of the musical career that he will have to build after X Factor. Like everyone else, the profession of music is made up of choices to be made ».

The typical contamination of a producer, which is Baltimore, is one of the cards that Hell Raton has bet on for its finalist. «He represents taste in the search for sound – explained ‘Manuelitò – which is perhaps also the first thing that won me over. Producers, like Baltimore, spend hours in the studio looking for perfection. It knows how to contaminate and range between many worlds ». Manuel Agnelli plays at home, who knows more than a little about bands and who with Bengala Fire returns to bet on the personality that winks more than one eye on the world of rock. «Bengala Fire – commented Agnelli – to begin with they play well and it is not something to be taken for granted. They are a real band, made up of people who have known each other for years and who have always brought great fun to the stage, which is not always easy to represent on television. They have a charismatic frontman who moves in a very personal way. Their path was coherent musically, they worked hard to grow and to learn to be on television ».

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X Factor, final for four between rock and songwriting