X Factor 2021, fourth live: Emma and Mika duet together. Here are the judges’ assignments

X Factor 2021, fourth live: Emma and Mika duet together. Here are the judges’ assignments. Thursday 18 November on Sky and streaming on now, two other artists competing will have to leave the stage of the Sky show produced by Fremantle forever.

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Great expectations for a special performance on Thursday evening in X Factor 2021: after showing an intense bond at the table – a friendship capable of winning over the public and fans since the Auditions, who cheered them loudly on social media – Emma and Mika will go up together on the stage of the Repower Theater, for the first time at X Factor, for an unmissable duet.

All attention will remain on the competition between the singers. After the first 3 Live Shows, the situation between the four rosters is still balanced: two competitors each for Emma, ​​with Le Endrigo and gIANMARIA; Hell Raton, with Baltimore and Versailles; and Mika, with Fellow and Nika Paris. Manuel Agnelli has kept the original trio, still being able to field Bengala Fire, Erio and Mutonia.

Two heats await the competitors. The first will be the usual “carousel”, the chain performance of all 9 singers: without a moment’s respite and relentlessly, they will re-propose one after another their original songs already known to the public. And so, Baltimora will play “Altro” again, Bengala Fire will return with “Valencia”, Erio with “Amore Vero”, Fellow with “Fire”, gIANMARIA with “I Suicidi”; and again Le Endrigo will make people feel “Things bigger than you”, Mutonia “Rebel”, Nika Paris “Tranquille (Mon coeur)” and Versailles “Truman Show”: already at the end of this first heat, one of them will have to leave # XF2021.

Afterwards, the 8 artists remaining in the competition will perform in a second round of covers chosen for them by their judge, at the end of which the two least voted will go to the ballot and undergo the judgment of the table.


For her roster, Emma assigned Rosalía’s “Malamente – Cap 1: Augurio” to Le Endrigo, put to the test on the pop flamenco of one of the cult pieces of 2018, and “Stella di mare” by Lucio Dalla to gIANMARIA, who he will rewrite the stanzas making it as always very emotional.

For its singers, Hell Raton has chosen “A man who loves you” by Lucio Battisti for Baltimore, who has chosen to rearrange the song in an “electro” key, and “Cercami”, one of the most loved and well-known pieces in the discography of Renato Zero, for Versailles.

In Manuel Agnelli’s roster, “Evil” by Interpol is the song indicated for Bengala Fire, to continue their journey among the great rock bands; to Erio he entrusted The Clash’s “London Calling” to reinterpret it in his own way; finally, with “Gigantic” by the Pixies, Mutonia will be asked to confront another historical song by the alternative rock band.

Finally, Mika assigned Elisa’s “Even Fragile” to Fellow, who will therefore be grappling for the first time with an Italian song (rearranged for the occasion), and “Dernière danse”, Indila’s 2013 hit that collected hundreds of millions of streams and views of the video, to Nika Paris.


Guests of the fourth Live will be three young and very talented exponents of the new Italian music scene: Young Miles, J Lord and Shari, which will propose “Testamento (The showdown)”, a piece by Bloody Vinyl – which stars Slait and the two multi-platinum producers Low Kidd and Young Miles – featuring J Lord and Shari which represents a real tribute in music and bars, waiting for the final showdown, to the Italian series of records Gomorra (arriving in world TV on November 19 in Italy on Sky and streaming on NOW). “Testamento (The showdown)” is the legacy of the streets of Naples, immortalized by many of the most famous and unforgettable scenes of Gomorra – La Serie.

A dark and powerful flow that grows and enhances bar after bar, with J Lord, a 17-year-old rapper from Casoria, who in the Neapolitan stanzas he wrote traces the most memorable moments of the tormented relationship between Ciro the Immortal / Marco D’Amore and Genny Savastano / Salvatore Esposito, and Shari (former guest of Salmo in “The fallen angel” of his latest album “FLOP”) who, in a liberating and touching chorus, opens a melody in which to give voice to all the emotions held by J Lord.

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X Factor 2021, fourth live: Emma and Mika duet together. Here are the judges’ assignments