With the theme of Black Love, here’s the story of Ghea Indrawari’s latest single entitled What do you think: Okezone Celebrity

SOMETHING pride for a singer or musician to be able to spawn the work of his own handiwork. This is what is happening to a Ghea Indrawari who was first known as a singer, now Ghea is starting to dare to release her own creations.

As if to repeat the success of the single Bucket List with a k-pop nuance, now Ghea Indrawari has released her latest single entitled You Think What.

What do you think is the theme of “Black Love” or “Cinta Kelam” this can be seen from the selection of music that seems playful but dark, with lyrics that are actually very sad but not sung by Ghea seductively.

This single tells about someone who really loves a man, who is always there at any time but precisely because the love is too big so that his feelings are ignored by the man and in the end the man prefers someone else.

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How ironic isn’t it? Regarding this new single, Ghea said that it was very solid to release this single, not only because the tone was not catchy and slightly influenced by Korean music, but also in terms of choosing lyrics that were clear and straight to the point. And this single was created by Ghea herself, starting from the lyrics and music, with the help of Andrew Joscha based on Ghea’s own personal experience.

“So the single in was inspired by my personal experience, which became a place to vent for my male friends who had long fights with girls haha” said Ghea while laughing. if we look at the lyrics of what do you think of me, we will meet 2 stanzas of lyrics that have a very deep meaning and become ghea’s favorite part in this single “you don’t know or pretend you don’t know my heart” and “who is always there when you need love? me. not him” “This is the part of the lyrics that I like the most, there is a feeling of being unappreciated, a feeling of hurt and love is in this part, right?” said ghea.

Ghea hopes that this song can open the eyes and hearts of someone who is experiencing the story in this song and hopefully this song can repeat the success of Ghea’s previous singles. “May all those who are experiencing abandonment, not being considered by loved ones, or harbored feelings for a long time, may all cheer up! Remember, if he doesn’t respect you, leave! There are hundreds of people out there who will gladly treat you as a queen. them. So don’t be sad, keep it up!” You Think You can listen to all your favorite music platforms and you can see the Music Video on the Hits Records Youtube Channel.


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With the theme of Black Love, here’s the story of Ghea Indrawari’s latest single entitled What do you think: Okezone Celebrity