Will, urban pop phenomenon: the young singer-songwriter returns with a new single

Will the phenomenon. It is no exaggeration to think in these terms William Busetti, 21 years old cantautore urban pop became popular thanks to the resounding success of Estate, hits with more than 30 million plays.

The song was the second most listened to in 2021 among those of the last decade, according to a ranking by Spotify. Summer, which also went platinum, was only preceded by Måneskin’s Beggin ‘. An amazing result for this boy from Soligo, a Venetian province, which grew up between the Italian songwriting, of which his father is passionate, the British pop that offered him his mother – English – and rap.

Her new single, out tomorrow, is What are you doing tomorrow?.

What are you doing tomorrow? how was it born?

«The song starts from a long time ago, Summer (published in 2020, ed.) Had not yet taken the right turn. The first verse remained in my pc for years, 4 or 5 months ago I fished it out because I wanted to go back to the origins of my music, simpler in terms of sound than my most recent single, Bella the same. I wrote it when there was no light at the end of the tunnel: initially I asked a question about the future of us young people, then it became more personal. Basically it speaks of love but extends to a broader discourse, and launches a message of trust in the future ».

Summer is a phenomenon. What do you do with Tomorrow? points to the encore?

«Summer grinds plays, I hope it won’t stop. I don’t even remember how it was born, I saw that on the music of Someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi I could sing my lyrics. With Bella the same I felt the pressure to redo those numbers, but I realized that if you think about that, you end up making music that you may not feel yours. This is the time to make something that represents me perfectly, just like what are you doing tomorrow ?. In numbers I will always hope, but the fundamental aspect is that the song thrills and that my fans see me as I was at the beginning, even before participating in X Factor (in 2020 he performed in front of the judges in prime time, ed.) “.

And how was it?

«More carefree. Today I am in excellent shape, projected towards great goals ».

AX Factor sang Summer. Did the talent push the listening of the song?

«Of course: even if some well-known characters had already used it for TikTok and stories, it was after X Factor that the home was filled with videos with Summer. I was surprised to the nth degree because the song was a year old, I never thought it could be successful. There I understood that music could become a job ».

What did the X Factor leave you? Would he do it again?

“Seeing how it went, I’d do it all again. X Factor tested me. Maybe I wasn’t ready, I introduced myself lightly. If I had faced it to my full potential, maybe I could have done more ».

Your musical references? «I listen to everything, I really like the young Italian wave of trap, which is no longer trap but something else. I approached rap by listening to Fabri Fibra and others who write crudely. I am thrilled to listen to them, I write in a different way because you have to experience certain situations you tell them: mainly my lyrics are autobiographical ».

How does everyday life in the province inspire you?

“Life here is romantic, perhaps more so than in the city. I am very attached to my village. I live at the foot of the hills and from home I can see the Dolomites, it’s not bad, but if it hadn’t been for the covid I would have already moved to Milan ».

Besides moving, what will you do tomorrow?

“Sooner or later I’ll release the record we worked on. As for live shows, if it were up to me I would sing every day. That time will come too. In the meantime, I would like to make myself known to the public in a more complete way, I have not yet expressed anything. The times to come will be prolific ».

Last updated: Tuesday 11 January 2022, 16:12


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Will, urban pop phenomenon: the young singer-songwriter returns with a new single