Very Similar, Take a Peek at the Compactness of 6 Beloved Children and Mothers at the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The role of the mother to her child is the first teacher in basic education for children, the growth of the baby makes the mother continue to support all activities ranging from education, sports and other positive activities that make the baby happy to do it.

Cohesiveness in dress and other things is the main attraction. That’s what makes these 6 ‘Mom and Kids Love’ nominated for the ‘Mom and Kids Awards’ at Mom and Kids Awards (MAKA) 2021. An award for celebrity mothers and children aged 4 – 7 whose exposure to their closeness to their children on social media and television can inspire them to improve the quality of the bond between mother and child

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MNCTV again held an appreciation event for millennial mothers and children, namely the Mom & kids award 2021, this award event has been carried out 6 times by MNCTV since 2015 and still exists today. MAKA 2021 will be broadcast by MNCTV live on December 10, 2021 at 15.30 at MNC Studios, West Jakarta.

Here are the facts about the closeness of the mother and her baby Ashanty and Arsy, Bak Pinang split in half. Arsy’s beautiful and adorable Paras turned out to be inherited by his mother, Ashanty. Both looked like betel nut halved. Even Arsy also has long hair and a smile line that is very similar to Mother Ashanty. The hallmark of this mother and child is that both of them always wear the same dress when they appear on stage. Ayu Ting Ting & Bilqis, Like brothers and sisters Unlike mother and daughter, Ayu Ting Ting, who always looks young, is even more suited to be seen as Bilqis’ older sister. Ayu and Bilqis often spend vacation time together, such as going abroad to watch concerts or just traveling

Then there are Nagita and Rafathar. Even though they say boys are always indifferent to their parents, Rafathar and Mama Gigi always appear sweet on various occasions. Since he was a child, Rafathar has been instilled in the manners and values ​​of kindness from Mama Gigi. This can be seen from Rafathar’s character who already understands about sharing with others and being polite. Sandra Dewi and Raphael, Even though she was born rich since birth, Sandra Dewi still teaches the value of simplicity to Rafa. Sarwendah and Thalia, Just like her mother, Thalia is also fluent in Mandarin, you know. Even both of them are compact in Mandarin when communicating.

Then, Ussy & Sheva, often said to be similar to Andhika’s papa, but Sheva’s beautiful face and sweet smile turned out to be like Ussy’s mama. Sheva apparently inherited the talent for entertainment from her mother, you know. Sheva always looks confident and adorable when in front of the camera

There are also many names who are ready to compete at MAKA 2021, here are the MAKA 2021 categories:

1. Favorite Animation Series Category

Alvin And Chipmunks



Shaun The Sheep

Upin Ipin

Zak Storm

2. Favorite Idol Category

Alifa Lubis


Alwi Assegaf

Betrand Peto

Darren Rafid Khairan

Zayyan Sakha

3. Favorite Baby Celebrity Category

Claire Herbowo (Shandy Aulia)1.9 Yr

Gala Sky (Vanessa Angel) 1.7th

Kiano Tiger Wong (Baim Wong) 2 Th

Mikhael Moeis (Sandra Dewi) 2.2

Shaquille (Cut Meyriska) 1.5th

Thania Putri Onsu (Ruben Onsu) 2 Th

4. Favorite Kids Celebrity Category



The quake


Raphael Moeis

Thalia Son Onsu

5. Dear Mama Candidate Category

Aurel Hermansyah

Ready Kejora

Nadine Chandrawinata

Nathalie Holscher

Nikita Willy

Siti Badriah

6. Dear Daddy Category

Ammar Zoni

Andhika Pratama

Baim Wong


Rey Mbayang

Ruben Onsu

7. Favorite family category

Anang & Ashanty Family

Andhika & Ussy .’s Family

Irfan Hakim & Della’s Family

Raffi & Nagita’s Family

Rio Family & Oki Setiana Dewi

Ruben & Sarwendah family.

8. Favorite Mom & Baby Category

Citra Kirana – Athar

Cut Meyriska – Shaqquille

Irish Bella – Airumi

Dinda Hauw – Shaka

Zaskia Gothic – Arsila

Zaskia Sungkar– Ukasya

9. Dear Mom and Kids

Ashanty – Throne

Ayu Ting Ting – Bilqis

Nagita – Rafathar

Sandra Dewi – Raphael Moeis

Sarwendah – Thalia

Ussy – Sheva

Support your chosen nomination through the RCTI+ application by selecting your favorite nomination on the “Mom and Kids Awards 2021” voting channel and voting via Instagram follow and comment @officialmnctv by typing #VOTEMAKA2021(SPASI) the nomination code in the category photo.

Watch the prestigious award for mothers and children at Mom and Kids 2021 which will be broadcast on Friday, December 10, 2021 at 15.30 WIB at MNC Studios, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, which will be broadcast live on MNCTV. Always in heart.

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Very Similar, Take a Peek at the Compactness of 6 Beloved Children and Mothers at the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards: Okezone Celebrity