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WORLD Celebrities always attract public attention. Moreover, if very artists are involved in cases of violation of the law. For example, what is currently hot is the case of an artist who looks like an online prostitution business.

In the last month, there were two celebrities who were caught ‘selling themselves’. They are artist Cassandra Angelie aka CA and celebrity TA. Economic reasons are always cited as the cause. really? Read News RCTI+ which will continue to report interesting developments in the case of the online prostitution artist.

Towards the end of 2021 (31/12/2021), the celebrity world in the country was shocked by the arrest of an artist with the initials CA by the police at a hotel in Jakarta, related to the practice of prostitution. Later, when the police showed evidence to the media, it was revealed that the artist with the initials CA was Cassandra Angelie. He is a soap opera artist.

In this case the police also arrested three CA pimps. They are KK (24), R (25), and UA (26). The three pimps share the task of offering Cassandra Angelie’s services as well as accommodating the transfer of payments. CA and these 3 pimps have been named suspects by the police.

Interestingly, the police also revealed that this prostitution transaction involving CA was not the first time. It has been five times that he has received business orders for this illicit service, at a rate of Rp. 30 million per date. In addition to being a suspect, the Police also named CA as a victim in this case.

As a victim, the reason is that CA is the party being “trafficked” by the three pimps. As a suspect, it turned out that CA also played a role as a perpetrator by sending a number of photos for the benefit of online prostitution.

Cases of prostitution involving CA seem to have a long tail. The reason is, in its development the police also found a list of artists and other celebrities who were also marketed by the suspected pimps. The police immediately summoned the celebrities on the list for questioning.

Before the revelation of the practice of prostitution involving CA, still in December 2021, the police also managed to uncover the practice of prostitution involving the TE celebrity (26 years old). TE was arrested at a hotel in Semarang City, Central Java. Along with TE, a foreign national with the initials FBD (26) was also arrested. Then there is also a pimp with the initials JB who also works as a photographer.

Until now the police are still closing the identity meeting of this TE celebgram. The prostitution case involving the TE celebrity is quite a scene. Because a video circulated on social media showing the seconds of TE being arrested in a hotel wearing only black lingerie.

Cases of prostitution involving artists are common. As if there was no end, there were cases of prostitution that were revealed by the police involving famous artists or celebrities. Economic needs are the classic reason why celebrities are involved in this sexist business. And also not a new reason, when the pimp involved in this case said that the celebrity himself asked for an order.

For the public, it becomes a big question, why the artist, whose income is already so large, still wants to “sell himself” to be involved in prostitution cases. There are, of course, many reasons to answer that question.

The glamorous and hedonic lifestyle that the artists live requires a large amount of money. The prostitution business is a shortcut to meet these needs. Especially during a pandemic like this, many artists have no job, even though they need a lot of money to maintain their appearance.

Prostitution is also believed to be a shortcut for less popular artists to be able to have a pretty good income. Sometimes prostitution is also used as a foothold so that their careers can accelerate quickly or as an instant way to maintain their existence in the entertainment world.

On the other hand there are also requests from mashers who like adventure. They think that if they can date an artist, it will be a prestige that can boost their confidence and self-esteem. Because the rate for dating an artist or celebrity is not cheap. So that only certain circles can date artists like this.

Whatever the reason, prostitution cases involving celebrities always attract public attention. Their actions are truly regrettable. As a public figure who has a lot of fans, artists shouldn’t be involved in the sex business. These celebrities have many fans who can be affected by their behavior. How is the continuation of the CA case and the TE celebgram case? Stay tuned for News RCTI+.

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Two Celebrities Arrested in Online Prostitution Cases : Okezone Celebrity