The Story of a Couple’s Struggle to Reach Hope, Follow Vision+ Originals Life Cycle Episode 5! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Vision+ Originals Life cycle who collaborated with Being Human have served the audience with a drama genre series, from the first episode, Born to Develop. Regarding the storyline, of course it is very relatable to people’s lives.

In episode 5, entitled Bertamu, Daur Hidup raised the topic of love issues, where Abi, who has been in a relationship with Rani for a long time, faces various problems.

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Abi’s character is played by Jerome Kurnia and Rani is played by Brigitta Cynthia. They are a couple who live in an apartment in the capital city. Although the relationship between the two is intimate, Abi has a bad habit of drinking alcohol.

One day, Rani was dissatisfied with her job at a graphic design company. Because, he has long wanted to continue his master’s degree abroad. However, he was plagued by financial problems and felt he was not smart enough to get a scholarship.

However, in the night after Rani and Abi had a big fight, Rani was secretly still trying to pursue the scholarship she had dreamed of for a long time. After several months of going through the selection process, his hard work paid off. Rani was finally accepted on a full scholarship.

Abi, who found the scholarship receipt in the apartment, suddenly felt betrayed. She cries begging Rani not to go.

Rani also promises that she will always be with Abi. After that, the two spend a sweet night together and Rani finally leaves the apartment in the morning.

Life Cycle is a life anthology series that packs life stories into 9 phases. At the Life Cycle Press Conference (29/11/2021) Clarissa Tanoesoedibjo as Managing Director of Vision+ expressed her message and impressions about the Life Cycle series.

“Hopefully it can be accepted by the wider community, and the Life Cycle series from episode 1 to episode 9 of course has relevance to the problems that exist in people’s lives,” he said.

How can Abi and Rani meet again after being separated for 3 years without any news? Watch Episode 5 soon Life Cycle: Visiting Exclusive to Vision+.

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The Story of a Couple’s Struggle to Reach Hope, Follow Vision+ Originals Life Cycle Episode 5! : Okezone Celebrity