Syakir Daulay’s Story Debuts Working on His Own Film: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Shakir Daulay tells about his experience as a director. In the film, I’m Not His Match, Syakir Daulay acts as the director as well as the main character. This makes him add new knowledge in the world of film.

He said that at first he was sparked and had a desire to make a film when he worked with senior actor Deddy Mizwar for a long time. Then Syakir was inspired and during the pandemic tried to write the script.

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“Initially I made this film, I didn’t really think about it, because I worked with Haji Deddy Mizwar for 2 years, so I was itching to make a film,” said Syakir during a press conference launching his film at Epicentrum, South Jakarta.

Then, Syakir also wanted this film to have a message or meaning in it. Where the film directed by him tells about the destiny of love, even though you have a very close relationship, if you are not matched, you can’t fight it.

He continued with the meaning and message in the film he made, so that the audience’s time was not wasted.

“Because we are told to watch a film (for example) two, three hours, our time is taken, if we don’t give anything, it’s wrong to people,” he said.

On the other side of the film that he made and starred in, there is a piece of story that relates to his personal love life. Where often fall in love with someone, but in the end they are not matched.

In addition, the younger brother of Zikri Daulay also saw the reality in society. Not a few young people are in love, but have to break up because fate says they are not matched with their partners.

“Being a director, you have to have feelings. I actually forgot what it felt like, but try to remember and flashback that moment again. Because many people have relationships but are not married, this relates,” he said.

Tells about the journey of a man (Syakir Daulay) who fights for the woman he loves, to make her a better woman. But when the woman (Ica Maysha) whom he loves so much has become an almost perfect woman, instead she marries another man.

Apart from Syakir Daulay and Ica Maysha, this film also involves other well-known artists such as Khalil Toktok, Rahmat Ababil, Boah Sartika, Cut Ashifa, Zikri Daulay, as well as a number of well-known Indonesian actors, such as Arry Febrian, Hesti Putri, Donny Alamsyah and Cut Mini. .

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Syakir Daulay’s Story Debuts Working on His Own Film: Okezone Celebrity