Scala, director Davide Livermore: “With live TV the whole world will applaud Macbeth”

The biggest bet has won: to make a classical temple like La Scala as dynamic and close to the people as possible. From Turin, born in 1966, Davide Livermore will inaugurate the Verona season tomorrow for his fourth time, under the direction of Verdi’s Macbeth conducted by maestro Riccardo Chailly. After Attila’s throne, Tosca’s splendor and the White House in flames on the evening of the 2020 show… To see the stars again, tyranny and power will be staged. And it will be Rai1 to broadcast live from 5.45pm.

Is the First always the First?

“Of course. You are never ready ».

You brought opera live on TV.

«I wanted to recreate a new communicative language in which theater and cinema coexist, creating a scenic space that could return a television and cinematographic image. The risk to be avoided was that of making a report ».

The result?

«Whoever sees the work from the theater will not perceive the intrusion of the cinematographic instrument. Those who see it on TV from home will not perceive the intrusion of people in the room. Both privileged spectators, thanks to the collaboration of Scala and Rai ».

With Tosca, there were almost 3 million spectators.

“With a 15.7% share. Still today a record of TV numbers for an opera. This meant that the audience at home didn’t feel like a spectator through the keyhole. This year, for the first time live, we will make use of augmented reality ».

At La Scala as in international pop rock concerts?

«I have respect for rock, but it is cinema that teaches me it. The theater is public, and it is, and must be, a good for everyone ».

But you are the first to use it in the theater.

«The virtual set comes from the latest Star Wars or The Mandalorian. In Macbeth we will cross woods, we will enter contemporary cities, we will travel on large avenues. Augmented reality allows me to make ourselves feel inside a film. On the other hand, for me 7 December means celebrating the culture and beauty of our country, which passes through the whole theater, not just the opera ».

There has been talk of a contemporary Macbeth.

“Exemplary stories are timeless. The tyranny, the rise to power (staged with an elevator), the grate with which the choir of the 4th act opens, where we are, men and women of 2021, who are denied rights ».

Rights of all: even those of the Zan Bill?

«I don’t report. I would be doing art a disservice if I did it. I only tried to serve Verdi to the contemporary ».

Livermore – Chailly: what is the relationship?

“Very nice. Of clash and encounter. Frank, true, loyal, crude, sincere: two artists who challenge themselves for the greatness of a work of art ».

After the Premiere?

«I will work on my first film with Paolo Gep Cucco of D-Wok (who edited the videos at Macbeth, ed). We will shoot in Italy and abroad. It will be an important production with great performers. And there is always the national theater of Genoa, which I have the honor of directing ».

Superstitious ritual?

“Come on Taurus, always.”

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Scala, director Davide Livermore: “With live TV the whole world will applaud Macbeth”