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JAKARTA– Dangdut singer Rizki Syafaruddin or often called Risky YES back into a netizen conversation. The reason is that he again filed for divorce from his wife, Nadya Mustika Rahayu on November 23 last at the Soreang Religious Court, Bandung, West Java.

This certainly surprised the public, especially since the two recently reconciled after the two separated in August. Not a few who feel surprised and deny this.

To find out more about the love of the two, here are the reviews as summarized Okayzone, Tuesday (7/12/2021).


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1. Married

Rizki DA and Nadya Mustika were married on July 17, 2020. Their second marriage was simple in Bandung.

The event was also attended by only family and closest relatives. This is because the two of them got married in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, family and relatives who attended still adhered to health protocols.

2. Divorce Issues and DNA Tests

Not long ago married, the issue of the rift of Rizki DA and Nadya Mustika’s household also surfaced. It started with the swordsman who deleted their wedding photos before a month of marriage.

Not only that, Rizki DA also asked Nadya Mustika to do a DNA test on her child. It seems that Ridho DA’s twin could not believe the baby his wife was carrying was not his child. It was later proven that the baby named Baihaqqi Syaki Ramadhan was the flesh and blood of Lesti Kejora’s former lover.

3. Divorce Divorce

After a lot of confusing news, Rizki DA finally admitted that he had filed for divorce from his wife on August 22, 2021. This was revealed by him around May after his baby was born into the world.

“Actually, we are looking for divorce on August 22 (2020),” said Rizki at the time,

According to Rizki, he chose the divorce decision after being urged by Nadya’s family who wanted to process it quickly. In fact, the swordsman actually still wants to wait for good things to happen in his household.

“For God’s sake, they are the ones who ask for it to be taken care of quickly, both religion and law,” he said.

4. Refer

Not long after, Rizki DA and Nadya Mustika’s relationship was again intimate. They even reconciled and remarried on July 19, 2021.

The second marriage was held at the mosque in Medan, North Sumatra, which is Rizki’s hometown.

“Yesterday, the iddah period was over, we have found a bright spot. So, thank God, we have a religious contract,” Rizki said last July.

According to Rizki, the wedding was witnessed by his extended family in Medan. In fact, his son, Baihaqqi Syaki Ramadhan also witnessed the sacred moment of his parents.

5. Divorce Again

In December 2021, Rizki DA was later reported to have been mentally divorced from his wife. He even filed for divorce on November 23 at the Religious Court (PA) Soreang, Bandung, West Java.

This was confirmed by Subai SH as the Registrar of PA Bandung. “Yes, that’s right, the case was registered on September 23, 2021,” said Subai when contacted by MNC Portal, Monday (6/12/2021).

Even the inaugural trial was held on December 2, 2021. Unfortunately, Rizki DA was not present at the trial and was represented by a lawyer. The next hearing will reportedly be held on December 9.

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Rizki DA and Nadya Mustika’s Love Journey: Had Reconciliation, Now Divorce Process : Okezone Celebrity