Opera di Roma, world premiere for the opening of the 2021/22 season: on stage Julius Caesar by Giorgio Battistelli

It will be one first ever performance to open the 2021-22 season tonight Rome Opera House, Julius Caesar, commissioned by the Roman Opera to one of today’s leading composers, Giorgio Battistelli. It is the first time, in recent times, that the Costanzi inaugurates its season with a work of its time. The only precedent dates back to 1901 with the opening entrusted to Mascagni’s Masks. At the direction of the Orchestra of the Opera House its musical director Daniele Gatti while the direction is by Robert Carsen. The new tragedy in music will be proposed by Rai Cultura in direct / deferred on its Rai5 channel starting at 9.15pm. On Sunday 21 at 20.30 it will be possible to listen to it on the frequencies of Rai Radio3.

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Starting from the tragedy of William Shakespeare, Ian Burton he made a libretto in two acts faithfully adhering to the original text, while modernizing it from time to time and expanding the role of the ghost of Caesar. “More than a work on violence, it is a psychological work – said the composer Giorgio Battistelli, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement 2022 – It is not a work of violence but Hamlet, of doubt. It is a dense, somber writing. On the dramatic and musical level, there are parts where the off-stage singing fits into the orchestra, hybridizations between the sound of the orchestra and human sound ».

«It is a privilege – said the master Daniele Gattito be able to baptize a new opera on such a high and important subject, created by one of the greatest composers of today, Giorgio Battistelli, moreover as a farewell from my theater, after three wonderful years. All with the seal of the direction of his friend Robert Carsen. I think it is a strong signal to open the season with an absolute first performance: a sign of our confidence in the new and in cultural innovation.».

The tragedy of Julius Caesar is set by Robert Carsen, who also signs the lights, in today’s Rome. «The music is of today and Giorgio writes for today’s audience – said the director – We see the Senate of Rome as it is now and politicians in modern clothes move on the scene. They are Roman senators because the text speaks of this, but it is a plot that could happen anywhere in the world, in the sense that politics provides the same mechanisms everywhere. Staging the new work by Battistelli and Burton (this is the third time we have worked together) is not only an honor, but also a particular challenge, since the opera premieres in Rome, the city where the action of Shakespeare’s play ».

It is an entirely masculine work. The only female character is Calpurnia, Caesar’s wife. The vocal cast includes Clive Bayley (Julius Caesar), Elliot Madore (Brutus), Julian Hubbard (Cassius), Dominic Sedgwick (Antony), Michael J. Scott (Casca), Hugo Hymas (Lucius), Ruxandra Donose (Calpurnia), Alexander Sprague (Octavius), Christopher Lemmings (Cinna / Marullus), Christopher Gillett (Indovino / I Plebeo), Allen Boxer (Flavius ​​/ Metellus / II Plebeo), Scott Wilde (Decius / III Plebeo), Alessio Verna (Servo di Cesare / Titinius / IV Plebeo). Conducted by the Choir of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, maestro Roberto Gabbiani. The scenes are by Radu Boruzescu, the costumes by Luis F. Carvalho and the lights by Carsen himself with Peter Van Praet.

After the premiere of Saturday 20 November, there will be four replicas: Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25 at 20, Saturday 27 at 18 and Sunday 28 at 16.30. Tickets for the season 2021-22 they are on sale at the ticket office and on the site of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. For information: operaroma.it

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Opera di Roma, world premiere for the opening of the 2021/22 season: on stage Julius Caesar by Giorgio Battistelli