Ojek drivers from Pengkolan to Bonds of Love Until the world is turned upside down Streaming here for free : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Watching soap operas has become the daily life of Indonesian people. Most Indonesian television channels broadcast soap operas on a daily schedule. As RCTI from noon to night there are rows of favorite soap operas, what are the titles?

There are several superior RCTI soap operas including:

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Pengkolan Motorcyclist

The sitcom soap opera directed by MNC Pictures, which has been airing since 2015 until today, tells the story of the lives of Tisna, Ojak, and Mas Pur as motorcycle taxi drivers. This soap opera also shows the life of the residents of the Rawa Bebek village between buildings in Jakarta. TOP can be watched every day starting at 16.15 WIB

Trapped Marriage

Latest soap operas RCTI Starring Bhisma Mulia, Ersya Aurelia, Dian Sidik, Endy Arfian, Joshua Otay, and Elgi Purnama, it tells the story of the life of a famous band in a suburban village of Jakarta. The desire to raise the band’s name was hindered because one of the personnel was asked by his family to get married. Will they return to music? Watch the full video every Monday – Friday at 15.00 WIB.

Princess For Prince

This romantic soap opera directed by MNC Pictures tells the story of the life of a princess who is a descendant of an angel who falls in love with a prince and vice versa, until they finally get married. Pupa starring Verrell Bramasta, Ranty Maria, Randy Martin, Riza Syah, to Anrez Adelio can be watched every day at 18.00 WIB

Love Bond

The most popular soap opera and always dominates TV ratings, it tells the story of a brother and sister who loves one man, until the younger brother’s efforts to put his brother in prison for admitting a crime he didn’t commit. After leaving prison Andien met a handsome man, namely Aldebaran, their love story was full of twists and turns and made the audience excited and excited at the same time. Until finally they both got married. And Andien’s problems were revealed one by one. Stream Love Bonds today starting 19.30 WIB

In addition to the four titles above, there is Amanah Wali 5 and also The Reversed World, which is an exciting story and it’s a shame to miss it. This is good news for you loyal fans of RCTI soap operas, through the RCTI+ streaming application, you can stream all your favorite soap operas on RCTI for free anytime and anywhere. No need to worry anymore about missing episodes that like to make your heart flutter.

Especially if you always watch Andin’s love story with Mas Al in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, you certainly can’t really miss every episode. If you miss it, don’t worry because it’s up to 7 days back.

There are so many streaming conveniences via the RCTI+ application, right? Let’s just stream Today’s Love or your other favorite soap operas through the RCTI+ application! Don’t forget to download the application via Google Play or the App Store, it’s free!

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Ojek drivers from Pengkolan to Bonds of Love Until the world is turned upside down Streaming here for free : Okezone Celebrity