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ANNETH greetings from Anneth Delliecia Nasution continued her stories into a work at the end of this year.

With the success of 100 Million Viewers (youtube) on the song “Maybe Today Tomorrow Or Later” makes it popular in many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam. Fans of Anneth (Annetherz) also have a big hand in Anneth’s career. They were very enthusiastic about following Anneth’s journey since she was still the 2018 Junior Idol champion until now.

“Maybe Today Tomorrow Or Later” also earned him many awards in the field of music in Indonesia such as AMI AWARDS 2021, Langit Musik: Indonesian Music Awards, JOOX Indonesia Music Award. On December 2, 2021, he returned by launching his proud work entitled “Won’t Stop Loving You”.

The song “Won’t Stop Loving You” was composed by Anneth herself. Tells the story of someone who always gives love and support to his beloved even though there are many obstacles and obstacles that must be faced. The message of loyalty and devotion in this song is a moral message that relates to the present.

In the midst of a pandemic that is very vulnerable to the issue of division/separation. Anneth tries to make a work that has the potential of two great strengths (Music and Visual) and is expected to provide a perspective on how to see love and circumstances from the good side.

Raising the theme of the relationship between 2 humans with a unique perspective, the story depiction in this song is made in the language of everyday life by Anneth, the songwriter in “Takkan Stop Loving You”. This new single song further strengthens Anneth as a songwriter who deserves to be reckoned with in the Indonesian and foreign music scene even though she is still 16 years old.

“This song is inspired by my personal experience. And I also see the experiences and stories of the people around me. This song is about unconditional love. How we love someone with all our heart in their ups and downs, in their good and bad, where we are always there for them”, explained Anneth about her new single.

Together with Jeffrey Stefanus (“Perhaps Today Tomorrow Or Later”) and Dinno Taruprajoko (A&R Rans Music), Anneth seems to have released a new idea about lyric writing. His courage gives a more mature choice of words but still relates to the age of his fans.

“Initially the song that I wanted to release was not this song, but when I recorded the previous song, how come I feel more comfortable with this song to be my next single. If you have trouble recording, because this song is not a blaring song, but rather a sweet song, it took me a long time to find the right improvisation,” said Anneth.

Anneth hopes that this song can represent the feelings of many who listen to be able to convey affection to loved ones. “Hopefully the message in this song can be conveyed to everyone and get a good response like the song ‘Maybe Today Tomorrow Or Later’. And just pray that next year I can have my own album,” closed Anneth.


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Never Stop Loving You Anneth Delliecia’s Newest Work at the End of 2021 : Okezone Celebrity