Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar, Name of Rizky Billar’s and Lesti Kejora’s Children: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora officially announced the name of their baby. The couple agreed to name the baby, Baby L, after Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar.

The reason is, this name is purely the result of Billar’s choice. However, he still asked for permission from Lesti Kejora regarding his son’s name. There was no other name preparation, the name Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar was the first name spoken at that time.

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Billar then explained the meaning of his son’s name. First, the name Muhammad is taken from his first name. In addition, this name is clearly taken from the name of the apostle in Islam, namely the Prophet Muhammad. Billar also hopes that the child can have a noble character like the Prophet Muhammad.

“Muhammad is my first name and coincidentally he is a very venerable apostle, who has very good morals, you can say that he is a perfect human. God willing, this child can take good behavior from the figure of the Prophet Muhammad,” explained Rizky Billar, Saturday (8/1). /2022).

While Leslar, that name became the name Billar first mentioned when Tukul Arowana asked him. In addition, the name Leslar itself plays a very big role in his life. Yes, a lot of support and prayers from fans through this name throughout his career. This name then became an important part of his life.

“Leslar is the first name I mentioned when asked by Uncle Tukul. What’s your name, I spontaneously said Leslar. What does it mean, Lesti Billar. Apart from the combination of our names, this name is the name of something big and in the name this is a lot of millions of people who pray for us, support us until now,” said Rizky Billar.

With the name Leslar, they hope that the prayers and support from fans can continue to flow to their child. Not to mention the affection of his fans.

“My hope is that when giving this name to our child, God willing, their support will continue for this child, their love for Leslar will continue to this child,” said Rizky Billar.

Meanwhile, Al-Fatih, Rizky Billar, took it from his favorite Islamic figure, namely Muhammad Al-Fatih. He hopes his son can become a smart, strong, and wise leader, like his favorite character.

“Al-Fatih is a pious person and God willing, this child can take the behavior of Al-Fatih,” said Rizky Billar.

Lastly, Billar is taken from his own name. He hopes that in the future there will be another Billar who will be the proud successor of the Billar family.

“Hopefully Billar will become a legacy, yes. Hopefully there will be the next proud Billar Billar descendant from the Billar family. God willing,” he concluded.

Lesti Kejora said that his son would be addressed as Abang L in his daily life. Of course, so that it sounds easier and is already very familiar to the public. As is known, Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar was born on Sunday (12/26/2021) night. Abang L was born at 34 weeks of pregnancy. However, Abang L was born safe and healthy.

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Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar, Name of Rizky Billar’s and Lesti Kejora’s Children: Okezone Celebrity