Masterchef 11, live third episode: a “fairytale” start. Super guest Marie Robert, chef of Café Suisse in Bex (Switzerland)

Masterchef, direct third episode: a “fairytale” start. Super guest Marie Robert, chef of the Café Suisse in Bex (Switzerland). Tonight, on Sky and streaming on NOW, the amateur chefs who make up the Masterclass this year they will take possession of the stoves of the cooking show with, in their hearts, the hope of being able to abandon them as late as possible.

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Per the 20 aspiring chefs it will be a truly fabulous start: in front of them they will find Mystery Boxes “transformed” for the occasion into fairy tale houses, covered with marshmallows and colored biscuits (Credits photo Endemol Shine Italy). Under the boxes of the third episode of Masterchef Italia, no sweets but foods that recall the most loved fantastic stories: croutons that resemble “Tom Thumb” crumbs, “Alice in Wonderland” mushrooms, Jack’s beans from the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”, the mullet that the Cat and the Fox eat at the expense of Pinocchio , Cinderella’s pumpkin, raperonzoli, wild boar liver linked to Snow White’s tale, as well as peas, game and macaroni. Objective: to create a truly fabulous dish, which serves to give the right sprint for the fairy tale that the 20 want to experience at MasterChef Italia. The three judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli will take everyone into the most enchanted world (perhaps…).

For the Invention Test will come thethe first guest of this edition of the Sky cooking show produced by Endemol Shine Italy: Marie Robert, chef of Café Suisse di Bex (Svizzera) che won his first Michelin star at just 30 years old. He will bring to MasterChef Italia two of his creations based on surprise and play, examples of his cuisine in which he uses a lot of trompe-l’œil to show, on the plate, something that is very different from what you will eat.

Following – in the episodes of Thursday 30 December at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW – the aspiring Chefs will carry out the first outdoor test, but the story will soon become, for them, a nightmare: they will be able to cook in the splendid courtyard of the Reggia di Monza, at the Villa Reale, but they will have to create – for the first time during an outdoor test – a service entirely dedicated to pastry, which has always been feared during the race. To judge them, 31 people who have made the art of pastry the motive of their lives: the Italian Master Pastry Chefs and the Master Bakers of the Milan Bakers Association, for a challenge based on the two souls of pastry: baked desserts and spoon desserts. .

Who will not be able to withstand the pressure of this first round, will have to wear the black apron of the Pressure Test which will establish who will have to leave the kitchen of MasterChef Italia.


Andrea, a 41-year-old maître between Novara and Milan, will enter the kitchen; from Brighton the two boyfriends – competing together but separately – Andrealetizia (25 years old, unemployed, Rome) and Nicky Brian (28 years old designer, Sri Lankan origins and born in Rome); Anna, 30 year old pharmacist and nutritionist from the province of Ferrara; Bruno, 64-year-old sales agent from Parma; Carmine, an 18-year-old student of the Scientific High School of the province of Salerno; Christian, 20, a student of Chemical Engineering from Turin; Dalia, a 30-year-old manager from Turin; Elena, a 54-year-old housewife from Ravenna; Federico, 30-year-old deejay from Milan; Gabriele (known as Polone), 34 year old security officer from Anzio (Rome); Giulia, a 29-year-old model from Bologna; Lia, 30-year banker from Verona; Mery, 26 years old Roman personal trainer; Mime, 47, tour guide and interpreter halfway between Japan and Florence; Nicholas, 21-year-old radiology student from Arezzo; Pietro, a 42-year-old freelancer from Palermo; the hotel entrepreneur Rita, 51, from Catania; Tina, a 39-year-old supermarket clerk, born in Naples and now in Piacenza; and Tracy, 31, born in Nigeria and now in Verona, a waitress.

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Masterchef 11, live third episode: a “fairytale” start. Super guest Marie Robert, chef of Café Suisse in Bex (Switzerland)