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KRISS Hatta changed religion again and made a series of confessions that made a public scene. There are a series of most surprising facts that you should know.

The 33-year-old man openly revealed that he had changed his faith again. So what is the story of Kriss Hatta’s spiritual journey? Here are the facts.

Growing up from a family of different religions

Although his religion is now reaping various negative comments, it seems that Kriss Hatta has a religious background in a family that is quite unique. Through his statement a while ago, he admitted that he was born into a family with a fairly high tolerance.

It is known, his parents also have different beliefs. His father embraced Buddhism, while his mother was a Christian.

“Papa is also not a Christian, yes, but Buddha, Mama is Christian, so we are from families with different beliefs,” he said.

Hatta then decided to follow his mother’s belief as a Christian when he grew up.

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Had converted to marriage

In 2015, Kriss Hatta was reportedly in a relationship with a Muslim woman named Hilda Vitria. Hatta then married Hilda in Islam, and decided to become a convert.

Unfortunately, their relationship was quite short. After fulfilling the summons from the Religious Courts, last February 8, 2018, Kriss Hatta admitted bluntly that he changed religion just to marry his ex-wife.

“Honestly, I am a pure convert because Hilda, because Hilda is Muslim, her mother is Muslim, I am a Christian,” said Kriss.

Back to embrace Christianity while imprisoned

In 2019, Hatta was caught in a case that forced him to languish in foam for two years. At that time Hatta felt confused about his religion. He admitted that he was confused when he had to choose where he should worship.

“In the prison, there is a mosque and a church. At that time, the trial was not yet decided, but it was just right in Cipinang, because the mosque and the church were side by side, I looked right and left, towards the mosque but I backed off again,” said Kriss Hatta .

After being confused about where he should worship, Kriss Hatta finally chose to return to the church. He even claimed to have been steady with the religion he embraced as a child.

“I want to go back to the church again, I’m worried, the next day I try to come again, at that time I was confused about wanting to not move, the next day I came again, finally I decided to enter the church, the process,” he continued.

Not afraid of being blasphemed

Netizens’ negative comments apparently made Hatta afraid of his career in the entertainment industry. However, after undergoing a long consolidation process, Hatta is now convinced that he does not need to hide from his religion.

“I was worried that if I said going back to Christianity it would affect my career. However, after careful consideration, it seems that it is time for me to reveal it to the public,” Hatta said through his press conference, December 25, 2021.

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Kriss Hatta Changes Religion Again, Confused to Enter a Mosque or Church, These are the 4 Most Shocking Facts : Okezone Celebrity