Jova Beach Party, the Jovanotti festival returns in the summer. Here are all the dates

Jovanotti today presented the new Jova Beach Party. The previous one was the tour event of 2019, which had seen him protagonist on the beaches, in the mountains and on the runway of Linate airport in Milan. Defining it as a concert was, and is, an understatement: everything takes place for a whole day, on three stages, with delimited segments of the sea for those who want to swim, food trucks and much more. At the center, of course, the music: that of Jovanotti is queen in the evening, but in the afternoon guests alternate with DJ sets, interventions by Lorenzo Cherubini himself who will be present on the various stages from the opening of the doors in the afternoon. The cornerstone of the new Jova Beach Party (tickets on presale from today) is that of the first edition: it will be a party in what is a real temporary citadel of music, which thrives on fun and respect for the environment. The first date will be on 2 July in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) then various stages will follow for a total of 12 beaches, a mountain meadow (Aosta, Gressan), a racecourse (Albenga, Villanova): every evening will be different and with different guests , until the grand finale on 10 September at Bresso airport (Milan). In many of these places there will be two consecutive evenings (however different from each other).

“Since I got off the stage at Lin’s airportate I wanted to start over. Very strong emotions from people kept coming to me, I realized that despite being only in the second edition it is as if this is already an anniversary. The Jova Beach Party is an epic enterprise, it’s crazy, it’s a party and an ecological project made by many people, by many workers. We involved all those who had made the first edition, which we actually learned to do only… by doing it ».

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The Jova Beach Party is making a comeback because it has hit large numbers, also on social networks, where 93% of the comments were positive. “But what matters most is what you cannot touch”, – says Lorenzo – is the emotion “. And in fact, in addition to the fun from this point of view, weddings return to the Jova Beach Party, to which other beautiful stories are added thanks to the collaboration with Radio Italia and a competition that will start in December.

And the music? “There will be many guests of all kinds, who was there last time knows. But like last time I don’t say who they will be. People, even with unknown artists, went crazy. I will be interacting with all the guests from the afternoon. There is nothing predetermined, you know nothing of what will happen ». And what about the covid? «The Jova Beach Party takes place – assures Lorenzo – with full capacity and without masks. Now the certainty is that it will be done, respecting all the rules ».

Music, feelings but also concrete facts: Intesa Sanpaolo, Jova Beach Party and WWF Italia together have organized “RiPartyAmo”, a project for the cleaning and recovery of 20 million square meters of beaches, sea beds, rivers and lakes throughout Italy which will involve schools, families during the Jova Beach Party , companies and communities. From today, a fundraiser is active on For Funding, which aims to reach 5 million euros through donations made during the online pre-sale of tickets. The funds will be used to intervene at an environmental, social and cultural level; 4000 donors will have the opportunity to participate in one of the two special concerts that Jovanotti will hold in Rome and Milan next autumn. Speaking of ecology, Lorenzo underlines: «Sacrifices are made with enthusiasm if there are goals to be achieved. We have done damage to the environment for the past 70 years, but many of it can be recovered. My push, ever stronger, is to try to create a climate to talk about climate. We did it in 2019 with sportsmen, activists, scientists, philosophers, who spoke to thousands of people in swimsuits. I believe that in this way the message arrives in a stronger way than in a sports hall ».

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And remember again, to try to dampen environmental controversy: «The day after the concert, the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro was perfect», and shows photos as evidence of cleanliness. «I am an environmentalist, I am not opposed to environmentalism. When there were critical issues we canceled and postponed the dates, because we think that the Jova Beach Party is a beautiful thing: we talk about the environment on a festive day to thousands of people ».

Jova Beach Party is also good food, with the Food Bank that will verify the reduction of any waste in the food areas. The Erica cooperative will help the public to dispose of waste properly. All this because «ours is a temporary city where you live, have fun, eat. We also take care of food, we make people live a beautiful culinary experience involving small realities. There will be zero plastic: we will have the so-called mayor’s water in large tankers. We will give water bottles in sustainable material to all participants ». The costs of all this are high, but we work on the backs of the investments made on the occasion of the first edition.

Of course it all started with music and everything goes back to music: today comes “Il boom”, a new single by Jovanotti with a rhythm to dance to. The idea of ​​the song, explained Lorenzo, was born from the desire to dismantle the words and play with them, following the sound. The meaning? “If anyone wants to find it, I’m open to any interpretation, indeed I’m curious if it will happen.” “Il boom” is a futurist piece, produced by Rick Rubin, the first single of Jova’s next album. «I’ve written a lot of songs but I’m not a record. The support no longer makes sense, after two weeks the format of the del is out of date. I myself don’t listen to albums but playlists. So many of these pieces of mine will only be released digitally. I can’t wait to let you listen to them, it’s a lot of different music, with festive and emotional moments. And I said to myself that thinking about it “the real record is the record of the sun, I want to make a record with this title”. The disc of the sun will rise when it comes out, and the first one is “Il boom” today ».

The video accompanying the song is a graphic visual by Shipmate and the guys from the Ocular Lab, inspired by the futurism of artists such as Depero and Giacomo Balla. Finally, today Sbam Records is born, a label dedicated to dance music in all its derivations. Vulcanico Jovanotti, so much that one wonders if there isn’t some project on the Sanremo Festival: “I don’t answer questions about Sanremo,” he closes with a laugh.

All tour dates

2 JULY 2022 – LIGNANO SABBIADORO (UD) Beautiful Italy beach

3 JULY 2022 – LIGNANO SABBIADORO (UD) Bell’Italia beach

8 JULY 2022 – MARINA DI RAVENNA (RA) Seafront

9 JULY 2022 – MARINA DI RAVENNA (RA) Seafront

13 JULY 2022 – AOSTA (GRESSAN) Green Area

17 JULY 2022 – ALBENGA (VILLANOVA, SV) Ippodromo dei Fiori

23 JULY 2022 – MARINA DI CERVETERI (RM) Lungomare degli Etruschi

24 JULY 2022 – MARINA DI CERVETERI (RM) Lungomare degli Etruschi

30 JULY 2022 – BARLETTA Lungomare Mennea

31 JULY 2022 – BARLETTA Lungomare Mennea

AUGUST 5, 2022 – STOP Lungomare Fermano

6 AUGUST 2022 – STOP Lungomare Fermano

12 AUGUST 2022 – ROCCELLA JONICA (RC) Natura Village Area

13 AUGUST 2022 – ROCCELLA JONICA (RC) Area Natura Village

19 AUGUST 2022 – VASTO (CH) Lungomare Duca degli Abruzzi

20 AUGUST 2022 – VASTO (CH) Lungomare Duca degli Abruzzi

26 AUGUST 2022 – CASTELVOLTURNO (CE) Lido Fiore Flava Beach

27 AUGUST 2022 – CASTELVOLTURNO (CE) Lido Fiore Flava Beach

2 SEPTEMBER 2022 – VIAREGGIO (LU) Muraglione beach

3 SEPTEMBER 2022 – VIAREGGIO (LU) Muraglione beach

10 SEPTEMBER 2022 – BRESSO – MILAN Airport

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Jova Beach Party, the Jovanotti festival returns in the summer. Here are all the dates