Jeremy Renner presents Hawkeye, the new Marvel series

Let it be recorded: I have never shot a real arrow”: Jeremy Renner immediately sets the record straight. And, given the recent fatal accident involving Alec Baldwin on the set of the western Rust, it’s impossible to blame him.

In connection Zoom from Los Angeles, the 50-year-old Californian is keen to specify that in the Marvel universe he plays an archer but it’s all fake. The Hawkeye series of the same name is dedicated to his character Hawkeye, arriving on Disney + on November 24th. The project follows the very successful trail of serial adventures such as Wandavision, Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


In this serialized universe, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) meets a girl who worships him and goes out of her way to emulate him, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). He meets her in New York where he is for the Christmas holidays with his three children and from there nothing will ever be the same. Incidentally, this introverted avenger is dragged by his offspring to the Big Apple to watch the musical dedicated to the Avengers on Broadway and the scene immediately becomes one of the cult moments that fans will love to madness.

The word to the cast

Together with the two actors, director Rhys Thomas, Vera Farmiga (who plays Eleanor, Kate’s mother) and Kevin Feige, executive producer and deus ex machina Marvel, will talk to the international press about the project during the conference.

What are the premises of this series?
Jeremy Renner:
Clint is in a delicate moment in his life, he is going through a healing process to overcome the loss of some of his companions and therefore he allows himself this weekend with the boys, but the family parenthesis is short-lived. I’m not saying that he has the guilt of the survivor but it is understood that his being closed and a little grumpy becomes a way to overcome the pain. That’s why Kate’s lightness balances her nature and becomes almost cathartic.

What was it like welcoming Hailee to the Marvel family?
Jeremy Renner:
Hailee is a trained professional and I wanted to let her know that I have her back, that she is not alone on this journey and that I would give her the answers she needed. Of course, it is impressive to see so many faces arrive but also many others leave the scene.

What do you like about the relationship between Clint and Kate?

Jeremy Renner: Clint and Kate couldn’t be more different and things are complicated between them, there is a mentor-student relationship but also a funny teammate dynamic.

Kate doesn’t seem intimidated at all. And she?

Hailee Steinfeld: Thanks to her I learned to have more confidence in myself. And then I couldn’t disappoint the fans, who have been waiting for the character’s arrival for a long time. Just think that on Halloween they were already wearing her costume, even though she had never seen it on stage in the series.

What will they love about Kate and Clint together?

Hailee Steinfeld: The reverence she feels for him, which then becomes the basis for a solid friendship. Kate wants to follow his example at all costs and is keen to become like Clint. I have already been part of the Marvel universe, as a voice actress for Gwen Stacey in one of the Spider-Man cartoons, an epic experience, but here we are on another level and I am proud that, in one way or another , I manage to convey determined and stubborn female characters. Kate proves that with persistence and persistence, any goal can be achieved.

Why Hawkeye as the protagonist of a series of his own?

Kevin Feige: Because as soon as you get to know him you want to know more about him and you see that he is an involuntary hero, one who, however, at the right moment throws himself into motivating others in the struggle for Good, as he does with Wanda. He’s one of those characters who steals the show and in the Avengers musical for the first time you see how the world sees him, which for an introvert like him is really funny.

What strikes you about these two actors?

Kevin Feige: Jeremy Renner demonstrated absolute faith in the Marvel universe before it was even defined, he said yes right away, regardless. Hailee Steinfeld didn’t even have to audition because we always had her in mind for the character and the fact that she was available to us was a blessing.

Why the Christmas setting?

Kevin Feige: Because I love parties, of course. And it’s not the first time, even Iron Man 3 is set at Christmas, right?

What is the strong point of the series?

Rhys Thomas: Hawkeye himself: the public wants to spend more time with him and get to know him better and in this story so many elements are mixed that it is a pleasure to discover them slowly. At the same time, the story comes to life from Kate’s past, to show the viewer where her skill as a warrior comes from.

Jeremy Renner: Come to think of it, Clint’s real power is his family sphere, which makes him accessible to the public. He’s a dad and, like any parent, he does the hardest job in the world and that’s heroic.

Vera Farmiga: If you think about it, it is our relationship with parents that tells us who we are and what we want to be or not to be in life. You can see it very well in the series, but this is just the beginning …

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Jeremy Renner presents Hawkeye, the new Marvel series