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ENMITY Henny Rahman and Larissa Chou are not over yet. Their feud caught the attention of netizens, so Henny was nicknamed the Drama Queen.

Larissa and Henny’s feud has started since the beginning of Henny’s marriage with her ex-husband. Although Larissa did not comment much on the news of the marriage, apparently Henny reappeared with an unpleasant message for Larissa.

Through the screenshot that Larissa uploaded through the Instagram account @larissachou, 13 November 2021, it appears that several lines of SMS messages that allegedly came from Henny were received by Larissa. Through her upload, Larissa seemed no longer able to hold her patience.

“Yeah, that’s prettier… @hennyrahman I’m stupid, I’m very serious… I don’t want to insult my body, I want you to be prettier, what do I want… I’m stupid, I’m very serious…. Don’t text and just talk straight here,” Larissa wrote annoyed.

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Not only that, the celebrity also turned out to have brought up his past with Zikri Daulay. He vilified his ex-husband’s behavior on social media.

Yes, Henny complained about the treatment of her ex-husband, Zikri Daulay in Instagram Story with close friend mode, but it was leaked. Uploads that are restricted to close friends were uploaded by the gossip account @komentatorpedas.

In the upload, Zikri Daulay’s portrait appears as the background for his writing. Henny mentioned people who are playing victims and claim to be victims of domestic violence, aka KDRT. She even admitted that she was divorced by Zikri while she was pregnant.

“People are playing victims. Duh, I want to tell people that you are domestic violence, you beat me up when I was pregnant, until suddenly my divorce was not clear,” wrote Henny Rahman on Instagram Story, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia, Sunday, November 14, 2021.

It was also stated that in two years of being married to Zikri, he had been divorced twice. In addition, Henny also said that it was Zikri who had set him up with Alvin Faiz.

However, Zikri actually appeared in public like the person who was hurt the most. “Two years of marriage, twice playing talak. And finally you regret it yourself. You are the one who set me up with Alvin, but you are also playing the victim now as if you are hurt,” he continued.

Henny Rahman admitted that he did not understand Zikri Daulay’s way of thinking. So far, Henny has always tried to cover up Zikri Daulay’s disgrace for the sake of their only child, Zayn.

It’s just that now he is starting to get angry because Zikri continues to be cornered.

“I’ve tried to cover up everything for the good name of you and your family but instead cornered me now. I’ve tried to restrain my family and friends as well to cover up your rude behavior for Zayn’s sake. God doesn’t sleep zik, God will repay in His way,” concluded Henny .

Seeing the upload, netizens actually blasphemed Henny Rahman’s attitude. Many suspect that this content is a setting. Not a few also call Henny as the Queen of Drama.

“This is intentionally so that it spreads indirectly, wkwkwkwkwk,” wrote a netizen.

“How come I suspect that he pretends to make a cf and continues to distribute it himself haha,” said another netizen.

“Wake up woi drama queen,” said another netizen.

“New drama queen,” said another netizen.

Until now, Zikri Daulay’s side has not responded to this furore. Henny has not yet spoken about his viral upload.

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Henny Rahman Enemies with Larissa Chou, Netizen: Drama Queen : Okezone Celebrity