Gaia: the new album is out. “My Alma was born from a crash of very strong emotions while everything was still around me”

It is the disc of awareness. For Gaia, the young Italian-Brazilian singer-songwriter with an interesting vocalism that alternates songs in Italian and Portuguese, it’s time to make it clear: “I’m also in the music scene”. After Amici di Maria de Filippi and participation in the Sanremo Festival, he publishes Alma, the latest album just released, preceded by the single “Nuvole di zanzare”, which arrives a year and a half after the debut album “Nuova genesi” . A record that kicks off the need for a break after Sanremo.

«I felt the need to stop and understand that what I was experiencing was a lot. – says Gaia – I embarked on a very intense psychotherapy path to understand what I had become. I was living in a crash of too strong emotions while everything around me was still ». Fifteen tracks that do not fit into a single genre, touching contemporary pop and ballads with South American sounds, «started to be written during lockdown. It was like going back in time, looking at me from afar. And I wanted to go back there, where everything coexists ». Emphasizes the words. Each song is associated with a thematic word – such as “Amor proprio”, “Good Vibes”, “Passion” – which “tells the song directly”, together with sign language. In the disc the collaboration with ANIMU (National Association of Italian Sign Language Interpreters) with which canvases for Spotify were created. “It is nice to open up, to be inclusive, to make the musical experience that is not merely listening more accessible”.

This is why there are movements of the Italian Sign Language in the choreographies, with which «dancing, I communicate an emotion that comes from listening». She is a woman who knows what she wants, determined, matures also musically. “I am a woman who has understood that inside her there are more personalities and ways of doing things. There is a very predominant masculine side. I am following a path in search of a power within me, a “power in hand” that is difficult to reach because we live in a social context that is a little behind. A Parliament that continues to postpone the Zan DDL is the answer to everything. Because? Things have to change. And radically ». “Alma” is entirely written by Gaia together with producers Simon Says, Orang3 (her partner also in life) and Mr Monkey. Many collaborations (“I needed to establish real connections”). So in “Ginga” (feat. Francesca Michielin and Margherita Vicario) and “Marina” (feat. Gemitaiz), with J Lord in “Louca”, in “Boca” (feat. Sean Paul & Childsplay), “Io e Te ( De Leve) ”with Selton,“ Paranauè ”(feat. Tedua). “A very cool musical generation that needs to be represented.”

On the record, love, self-awareness, the “matriarchal” roots of her family that raised her “without ever taking a step back, where fear must not exist,” she says. «Everything teaches, fear must be there to give that fire and that emotion that is fuel to move forward. From evil it must be listened to in good. My step back? When I push the accelerator too hard. That’s where I understand that I have to seek balance. I wake up and tell myself that if there is a problem, I have to breathe. So I focus on who I am ». He would return to Sanremo, but for now «I am pleased to bring the record live. I need it. I’ll go to Mexico City soon. ‘

It is the concert on November 21 at Corona Capital 2021, one of the most anticipated live events on the international South American scene. In the line up, Tame Impala, Disclosure, The Kooks, Twenty One pilot and Gaia. “I can not believe it. I hope to enjoy it all. And to go home proud. I am happy to be on stage with great international music. My dream come true ».

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Gaia: the new album is out. “My Alma was born from a crash of very strong emotions while everything was still around me”