Film You Are Not Alone Successful World Premiere at JAFF 2021 : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Film You are not alone the production house of MNC Pictures, the largest production house in Indonesia, has entered the official selection of the Jogjakarta Netpac Asian Film Festival. JAFF is a prestigious international film festival that has been held every year since 2006 in Jogjakarta, this time being held for the 16th time on 27 November – 4 December 2021. This festival presents selected cinemas from countries in Asia, especially Indonesia.

Through JAFF 2021, the film You Are Not Alone will premiere on December 3, 2021, at the Empire XXI Yogyakarta cinema.

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Synopsis You Are Not Alone, MNC Pictures Production Film

“When we entered the 16th JAFF official selection, we were very enthusiastic and felt an honor in itself, because JAFF is a prestigious event for Indonesian and even international filmmakers. We use this special opportunity for the World Premiere of the film ‘You Are Not Alone’, the KTS film itself has a strong moral message, it can be an inspiration for JAFF audiences and the public in general.” said Titan Hermawan, President Director of PT MNC Pictures.

A suspense drama genre film directed by Arwin Wardhana, a talented young director with a range of directing experience, supported by Yadi Sugandi, one of the Best Indonesian Cinematographers. Your Story is Not Alone, very well written by Titien Wattimena, one of the leading writers with a portfolio of Indonesian Box Office film scenarios.

The collaboration of the best Indonesian film makers is the key that the film You Are Not Alone must be watched by Indonesian film lovers.

Through the character of Mira, played very well by Adinia Wirasti, we are all reminded of human nature as social creatures, which is impossible to survive without the help of others. Mira gets a very valuable life lesson when trapped in an elevator, through interactions with the characters Mika (Ganindra Bimo) and Adi (Rio Dewanto).

The presence of these top 3 film stars makes the film You Are Not Alone, very worthy of anticipation by fans and film lovers from various walks of life. The film You Are Not Alone, which is full of moral messages, is expected to be an inspiration for drama film lovers in Indonesian cinemas.


Director : Arwin Wardhana

Script writer : Titien Wattimena

Creative Producer : Lukman Sardi

Director of Photography: Yadi Sugandi


Adinia Wirasti as Mira

Rio Dewanto as Adrian

Ganindra Bimo as Mika


Lukman Sardi as Yusuf Security

Ayu Diah Pasha as Nuraini

Aisyah Aqillah As Azizah

Yayu Unru as Majid

Giselle Tambunan As Dinda

Sintya Marisca As Sari

Raya Adena Syah As Little Mira

Jordan Haag as Mr. Rigel

Yama Carlos As Mira’s Father

Theme Song: Nice Friday (Never Come Back)

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Film You Are Not Alone Successful World Premiere at JAFF 2021 : Okezone Celebrity