Dhena Devanka Fears Not Getting Custody of Children, Her Confidentiality Makes My Heart Slice : Okezone Celebrity

Cast Devanka confides on social media about concerns about getting child custody. Because Jonathan Frizzy also filed for child custody in a counterclaim or counterclaim in his divorce trial.

At first, Dhena Devanka was very confident that she would get custody of her three children. But lately, he seems worried because he gets a lot of slander that calls his kindness to children just an image.

“It is really sad when a mother who is pregnant, gives birth and raises her three children is called an image, different from reality,” wrote Dhena Devanka in a statement, quoted on Monday (12/13/2021).

Dhena Devanka admitted that she was surprised by Jonathan Frizzy’s attitude. According to him, the man who is familiarly called Ijonk doesn’t seem to stop making him sad. Moreover, this problem concerns his three children.

“Why do you keep harassing me? What’s wrong with me? Can’t you just leave us alone. Why do you have to keep on grunting, I’m not the cause of the breakdown of this household,” he continued.

The 37-year-old woman couldn’t understand Ijonk’s attitude that was constantly destroying the happiness of her life. Dhena also seems powerless to fight all of Ijonk’s treatment. He seemed not to know the figure of Jonathan Frizzy at this time.

“Why did you turn like this? To want to snatch children from my arms, What we have is real!” said Dhena Devanka.

Furthermore, Dhena Devanka emphasized that her kindness with the child was not an image. He also pleaded with the 39-year-old actor not to rob him of his happiness again. For Dhena, the three children are life and breath.

“Why am I imaging, I’m not an artist, I don’t need an image, I’m just a mother of three children who happens to be currently an office worker. Please make your own happiness, don’t take it from me. They are my breath and my life,” he concluded.

The post was immediately flooded with various comments. Many gave encouragement to the mother of three children. Not a few also wished him good things.

“The spirit of Ms… God is fair. Like Ms. Maia Estianty, who was devastated before, then Allah replaced it with happiness and glory. May Ms. Dena and the children are all healthy and given relief,” wrote a netizen.

“Ka dhenaaa calm down… even learn from me at their age they don’t understand but they can see which ones they have to protect,” said another netizen.

“Stay strong mommy bear, may Allah always protect you and your children,” said another netizen.

“Cheer up, Ms. Dhena…don’t listen to the talk out there that only wants to bring you down, don’t think about it, you’ll get sick, sorry for the excited kids,” said another netizen.

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Dhena Devanka Fears Not Getting Custody of Children, Her Confidentiality Makes My Heart Slice : Okezone Celebrity