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KEZIA Sirait or commonly called Key B released his latest single in collaboration with A music producer, and DJ: CVX, known for his productions for artists such as Noui, Reikko, Noni, Avia Athalia, Kay Oscar, and many more. This collaboration is very special because with Key B, who is already well-known in the music industry as a member of the Soulsisters, the girl group that won the first runner-up position in The Next Boy/Girl Band. In addition, Key B is also known for being a finalist of the Indonesian Idol Special Season.

“All Is Over” is an electronic pop genre song with a dark atmosphere but accompanied by a chorus that’s hard to keep from dancing. This song carries the message of an abusive relationship along with a decision to get out of the situation, knowing that breaking off a toxic relationship is far better than being drained and slowly crumbling by staying in it.

This song was made with care, hoping that this work can arouse the listener’s sensitivity and critical thinking about a topic that is actually important and sensitive but often goes unnoticed, while still being a fun choice to sing together and enjoy on the dance floor.

Key B.

Key B. is a singer-songwriter from Indonesia, slowly starting to build his soloist career by completing his journey as a finalist in 11th position on Just Duet (NET TV, 2016), then returning to the silver screen a year later through a bit of tinkering in direction of his musical career by becoming part of the Soulsisters; the girl group who won the first runner-up position in the inaugural season of The Next Boy/Girl Band (GTV, 2017).

Key B. marked his first single as a member of a group with “Curi Hatiku”, a song produced by Laleilmanino. Then the most recent during the pandemic, due to encouragement from netizens on social media, Key B finally joined the Indonesian Idol Special Season (RCTI, 2021) and became the 13th finalist alongside Joy Fernando through double elimination.


CVX is a music producer/DJ/singer who reaches deep into the realm of music creation with his massive sound repertoire, spanning from ancient to futuristic musical styles. His versatility is what defines him as a sound explorer; a taste adventurer.

Dare to make any kind of music he wants while assembling the sounds and stories he shares, and lightly pouring some of his personal stories and critiques of his worries into his lyrics; CVX are few of those who are exploring fearlessly in today’s music scene.

CVX is also recognized for his works created for his colleagues such as Reikko, Jebung, Basboi, Baila Fauri, Slippydoor, Avia Athalia, Kay Oscar, AndyHas, Noni, and many more.


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All Is Over Comes with CVX Collaboration with Key B : Okezone Celebrity