Album 2021, here are the best sellers in Italy. The FIMI ranking

With the end of the year, one of the most interesting rankings to understand where (how) the record market is going in Italy is to “read” the T rankings.op of The Music di FIMI/GfK, processed on the basis of quantitative market information, collected weekly, from Friday to Thursday, (through the GfK R&T Point of Sales Tracking service).

Weekly rankings are released, including the best-selling album in Italy, surveys that are made on the basis of the sale of the physical support (CD and vinyl) and digital download, to which are added premium streaming listening, in case of listening. .

And now let’s take a look at the Top 100 albums sold, of which we will only consider the top 10, updated to week of December 10-16, 2021.


The couple of singers Mina and Adriano Celentano once again combine their unmistakable voices for an album that mainly looks at the fans of the two Italian icons, less at the new generations, yet their energy is so much that they enter the charts and have been around for 3 weeks.

– 9) ONLY – LAST

The young Roman singer-songwriter, Ultimo, after winning the Sanremo Festival took off, conquering an ever-increasing number of fans and the ninth position, confirms and distinguishes him within the panorama of young singers, who are dedicated to hip-hop or trap, as opposed to the pop-rock music of Ultimo, which has been on the charts for 8 weeks.


After a period of absence from the world of music to devote himself to family and personal matters, the Canadian singer returns with strength to the world scene with an album perfect for the period; on the other hand, his unmistakable voice goes perfectly with Christmas carols, as Frank Sinatra did before him. For 6 weeks in the ranking.

– 7) 30 – ADELE

Change her life and change her appearance, but not her voice, Adele with 30 returns to climb the world rankings; with the single Easy on me, she conquered platinum and still at # 1 on the American Billboard Hot 100 chart. The British singer remains inimitable and her style goes beyond the fashions and musical trends of the moment. Ranked for 4 weeks.


Two years after the last album, Fedez releases Inhuman with lots of campaign-style advertising. A recording project of 20 tracks, which tell well-defined chapters of his life. The disc contains many of the singer’s great hits, such as Mille, Bimbi per strada or Bella Storia, and is also full of collaborations. Three weeks in the ranking.


An important debut that of Blanco, released last September with Blu Celeste, full of hits like You make me crazy and La song nostra. In the year of his consecration, Blanco moved with ease between different genres, without fear of experimenting. A real record this album for 14 weeks in the charts.


A Vasco album is always an event, and this one released last November 12th, is no exception with the 10 new songs of Blasco, already in the charts for 5 weeks, and we are sure that it will remain there for a long time. Zocca’s rocker returns to the scene with a record that smells of freedom and that comes after two years of forced silence due to the pandemic, waiting to see it live.


The singer from Ronciglione released by X-Factor continues to surprise and broaden the ranks of fans of his music. Already two weeks in the charts, with Materia the first of three albums that are a path to show the three different but complementary souls, which unite Mengoni’s musical origins, his sound research and his attention to the contemporary.


Marracash doesn’t miss a beat. For 4 weeks in the charts with his more mature album, more and more accurate in its sounds, but with deeper lyrics in which the Milanese rapper reveals his frailties, weaknesses and tries to psychoanalyze himself with his music.


Gue Pequeno, becomes just Gue, the cover of the record is his face like that of Jesus Christ and in the record a lot of introspection. Gue like Marracash, “they” who stand out from the “others” and the pair of rappers friends are at the top of the Italian FIMI chart of best-selling albums.

Last updated: Friday 31 December 2021, 7:05 pm


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Album 2021, here are the best sellers in Italy. The FIMI ranking