Adjie Notonegoro’s Story Changed Religion After Dreaming of Meeting God: He Whispered in My Ear : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Designer Adjie Notonegoro shared her spiritual experience with Melaney Ricardo. He is known to have chosen to convert from Islam to Christianity

To Melanie, Adjie Notonegoro admitted that he had experienced the ups and downs of life before deciding to change his faith. In the midst of her successful career as a fashion designer, she went bankrupt.


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“I feel really saved at my young age. In the past three years, I have finally chosen my Savior. There I felt, God is really powerful, really miraculous,” said Adjie Notonegoro on Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel which was uploaded on October 5, 2020.

As a well-known Indonesian fashion designer, Adjie admits that he has experienced ‘heaven and hell on earth’. “I’ve been to the top, again at its peak, and it’s heaven on earth. But, at that time I always forgot God. I’m always number one looking for money, looking for money, looking for money, number two for children, number three for God,” admitted the 60-year-old man.

However, that success seems to have changed and Adjie had a chance to feel what ‘world hell’ is like. “When I was at my peak, when I was there, I could go bankrupt, and that’s what I was under.” zero. Absolutely below. In my wallet, I only have Rp. 20,000,” he said.

Not to mention, Adjie had time to feel the coldness of the prison floor for three and a half months because of the case of buying and selling diamonds. “For me, well, this is a hand line. So, there is no single human being as great as any who can fight fate. It’s already written,” said Adjie.

Until one day, Adjie Notonegoro had a magical dream, where he met God. “At that time, I was on December 12, 2014, I had a dream, I was sitting, how come behind me was a very bright shell,” he said.

“As soon as I looked back, from the right side, I couldn’t look because my eyes were so bright they hurt. When I looked back, how come he was there? What’s this? Immediately I was embraced and He whispered in my ear, I bless you, “continued Adjie.

Adjie even claimed to have met God twice. “12 days later, on Christmas Eve, I met again and He was above, I was below. He called me, He said, your job is to reconcile all your brothers who are on this earth. I was confused and He put his hand on my head, He said, I have blessed you, “he said again.

Shortly after that dream, Adjie Notonegoro chose to embrace Christianity and was baptized. Not only that, his children also followed in his footsteps of their own volition.

“Something unexpected to me can happen. The great thing is, after I joined God, five or six months after that, all my children and my family joined God,” he said.

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Adjie Notonegoro’s Story Changed Religion After Dreaming of Meeting God: He Whispered in My Ear : Okezone Celebrity