Accused of being a fraud, Clara Gopa Duo Semangka is angry and reports netizens to the police : Okezone Celebrity

CLARA Gopa was angry because netizens accused him of being a fraud. Not staying silent, this dancer from Malang reported the netizen to the police.

Clara reported netizens who insulted her from the Malang City Police on Friday (12/3/2021).

Clara Gopa, accompanied by her attorney and manager, went to Mapolresta Malang. They immediately entered the public complaints section which was on the second floor of the Malang City Police Headquarters.

Clara Gopa stated that she found a comment on aliya_pendaki_syantik_malang’s personal Instagram two days ago where the account originally uploaded a photo with her at an event in Malang City. Then the account was uploaded and commented on by an Instagram account called wullan_comell, but Clara admitted that she did not know an account called wullan_comell.

“I don’t know the person in question. So this person who has Instagram asked for a photo with Clara at poor karaoke, finally posted it in his comment, someone like a friend also said Clara was a fraud, so Clara was confused about who it was,” said Clara Gopa , to the media.

Not long after the upload on Instagram, the 28-year-old swordsman was sent a message by an Instagram account called wullan_comell which essentially straightened out the comments embedded in aliya_pendaki_syantik_malang’s personal upload.

“He DMed back that he wanted to straighten things out, that he was drunk, so he didn’t know anything, obviously I didn’t know who he was, but he dared to say he was a fraud in public comments,” he explained.

The report is addressed to this one account to teach the owner of the wullan_comell account a lesson. Given that so far he has experienced satire and blasphemy from netizens several times.

“There were indeed a lot of people who saw when she commented that Clara was a fraud, indeed many saw it. So Clara felt like she really objected, unless she DMed her privately, Clara couldn’t possibly have a problem, because maybe that’s why I can’t report it, her position is public, I just want to teach you a lesson,” he explained.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officer Clara Gopa Situmorang said the complaint was a defamation on social media.

“The alleged crime is regulated in Article 27 paragraph 3 of UU ITE 19 number 2003 regarding Instagram Wullan_ayucomell in the Instagram account aliya_pendaki_syantik_malang,” he said.

He sent a message to netizens to be careful using social media. Especially when commenting or uploading on social media is detrimental to others.

“Don’t harm the people on their Instagram, later what is posted on social media will have a broad impact, for example to our clients,” he said.

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Accused of being a fraud, Clara Gopa Duo Semangka is angry and reports netizens to the police : Okezone Celebrity