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FURI Harun is famous as a mother who has taken care of spirit dolls for a long time. His figure stole the attention since people were curious about spirit dolls.

At his residence, Furi Harun has now taken care of 363 dolls. Most of all the dolls are beautiful and adorable, although there are a few male dolls.

To MNC Portal, Furi told some of the dolls he owned. “I have several spirit dolls and they are like my own family. For me, they are foster children who need to be guided and prayed for,” said Furi Harun when contacted via text message, Tuesday (4/1/2022).

There is a special reason why Furi takes care of her doll. In short, Furi explained, he didn’t want these invisible creatures to wander around his life.

That’s why he uses dolls to make room for his foster children. So, who are these Furi dolls?

The following is a brief review written Tuesday (4/1/2022).

1. Lulu

This blonde-haired doll holds a spirit that comes from Java. However, Furi forgot the exact location where she met Lulu. Lulu has strong telepathic abilities. So, if someone comes to visit the house, Lulu will tell Furi. Lulu can tell what’s good and what’s bad.

2. Anabel

For Anabel, the doll is in an elegant pink dress. Her hair is dark brown and the spirit in this Anabel doll is obtained by Furi in the Bali area. He also forgot where the exact location was with the spirits in the Anabel doll. Anabel’s ability is an attacker or attacker.

3. Laura

The spirit inside this doll has existed since Furi was given the doll. So, Furi didn’t enter the spirit inside Laura’s doll. Laura’s special ability is an attacker or attacker.

4. Mei Hua

This slanted-eyed doll with pale white skin is the most different on its own. He was brought by Furi from Tanah Kilap Temple. Mei Hura is Dewi Kwan Im’s aide. For her special ability, Mei Hua always accompanies Furi when reading tarot. Give clues.

5. Chika


Chika is a Kuman Thong doll who helps Furi if anyone asks about her mate and of course for self-protection. The sign of strength can be seen from the tattoos on both Chika’s feet and hands. Not just any sign, it turns out that the tattoo contains different meanings and purposes.

“The tattoo on his right leg is a mantra, a mantra in Thai. It’s for good luck, on the left foot for a mate. If on the hand, it’s a protection spell to avoid negative energy. If Chika is in a negative environment, she will clear the energy. , said Fury.

6. Bella


“Welcome to mami @furiharun’s 362nd foster child, ‘Bella’. This collaboration doll with @thedollwithsoul is the most beautiful gift at the end of 2021,” wrote Furi Harun on the @bonekafuriharun Instagram page.

“Happy new year 2022 everyone, may we always be in the protection of God Almighty, kept away from negative things and always given happiness ❤️❤️. Welcoming 2022.. Welcoming Bella ,” he hoped.

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6 Beautiful and Adorable Furi Harun Spirit Dolls : Okezone Celebrity