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REZA Rahadian successfully starred in the series Kites Disconnect as Aris. There are a number of facts about Reza Rahadia, also about religion and his past which will be discussed.

You need to know, the story of the Layangan Putus series has succeeded in attracting the emotions of the audience with the domestic conflict between Aris and Kinan (Putri Marino) because of a third party, namely Lydia (Anya Geraldine). Behind his acting, Reza has a series of facts that are rarely highlighted by the public.

Starting from his past as a traveling merchant to the fact that he changed his religion, it was only recently discovered. Curious?

Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized five facts about Reza Rahadian, quoted from the Daniel Mananta Network YouTube channel, Saturday (15/1/2022).

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1. Sales and teaching lessons

Prior to his current success, Reza Rahadian had time to sell carpets and teach lessons to help his family’s economy. The reason, at that time the mother had lost her job, just when her sister was born.

Reza, who was 15 years old, then racked his brain to help support the needs of his family and ease his mother’s burden. As a result, he was willing to trade around selling carpets and teach lessons in order to revive his family’s economy.

“At that time, there were various things, selling carpets, whatever I was around, whatever I could get money for, I did that. Teaching was one of them. Teaching English to 2nd grade, 3rd grade elementary school children,” said Reza Rahadian.

Not only that, Reza has also been a waitress at a cafe in South Jakarta. Year after year has passed, now Reza is able to improve the family’s economy. In fact, he managed to send his sister to school in San Francisco and Boston.

2. Change religion

Reza Rahadian was born to parents of different religions. His father is Muslim, while his mother is Christian.

Raised by his mother, of course, Christian values ​​have been embedded in Reza from an early age. However, as he grew older, the man of Iranian-Maluku blood felt that his heart’s calling was to embrace Islam.

Without any coercion, Reza Rahadian became a convert to Islam at a young age at that time. So, his religion is different from his mother’s.

“But once I believed in my calling there (Islam), I was grateful it wasn’t for any reason. Not a job, not a partner, people around may invite you, not at all. That is communication with those above,” said Reza Rahadian.

3. Never met my biological father

reza rahadian

Reza Rahadian admitted that he had never met his biological father since he was a child. He did not have the slightest idea about the shape of his father’s face or body from an early age.

The reason is, his biological father has left his mother since he was six months old. Until now, Reza often calls him dead when someone asks about his father figure.

“I don’t even know what he looks like, how he looks like. I don’t know. Because he left my mother from me when I was six months and five months old. So I have no idea at all,” he added.

4. Student of the late Glenn Fredly

Before converting to Islam, Reza Rahadian’s childhood was filled with activities that were usually carried out in his previous religion, namely Christianity, such as Sunday school.

In fact, there is one of Indonesia’s great musicians, namely the late Glenn Fredly who also became Reza’s teacher at Sunday school. This is an interesting story for Reza.

“I was a Sunday school kid. Glenn Fredly was one of my Sunday school teachers at the church at that time. So I grew up a Christian. Those values ​​are in my life,” he said.

5. Family stays in harmony

Even though he has converted to Islam, Reza Rahadian still gets along well with his family who embrace Christianity. They live life with high tolerance and mutual respect.

Adhering to Islam does not make Reza limit himself to his family. Whenever there is a Christian celebration or religious event, the actor Habibie & Ainun also welcomes it.

“Mrs. Natal, I’m the happiest because it’s my moment to decorate the Christmas tree. If my mother attends the service, I will be there. At least I respect it, please don’t take photos,” said Reza.

Reza never had a problem with his family carrying out religious activities in his worship room. For him, living with mutual respect for differences is a beauty.

“I let my mother celebrate Christmas or Easter. If there is a worship service at home, where I pray there, I can also pray to the Lord Jesus in his own way,” said the Iranian-Maluku man.

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5 Facts about Reza Rahadian, Disconnected Kites, Religion and the Past, Number 3 Shocked : Okezone Celebrity