5 Facts about Jessica Iskandar’s Pregnancy, Number 4 Her Heartbreaking Moment: Okezone Celebrity

JESSICA Iskandar is pregnant with Vincent Verhaag’s baby boy. There are also a number of other facts from the moment of Jedar’s second pregnancy.

Recently, Jessica Iskandar also shared a gender reveal moment on Instagram. In the photo caption, Jessica Iskandar said that the baby boy she was carrying was a blessing from God and a very beautiful plan.

“God’s power is truly the best. He has a beautiful plan. My family and I live it with joy and gratitude,” he said at the beginning of the statement.

Then, she also left the hope that the baby boy she was carrying, the younger brother of El Barack, would be born with blessings and blessings from God Almighty.”

“So a healthy child, long life, lots of sustenance, love family, useful, responsible, and all things that are good for him. Amen,” Jessica continued.

“Vincent and I thank you for the prayers and words from all of our friends. May goodness always surround your life,” closed Jessica.

In the midst of the joy of Jedar announcing that he is pregnant with a baby boy, here are five other facts about the pregnancy of this beautiful artist.

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1. Announce pregnancy three weeks after marriage

Jessica Iskandar is happily pregnant with her second child. To his surprise, after three weeks of marrying Vincent, Jedar announced that she was pregnant with El Barack’s sister. Netizens were also happy, but some were sarcastic and said that the artist was pregnant first.

“We are expecting a baby! Thank you God! Congratulations to our little family! May it be smooth and easy for the blessings of this pregnancy ,” he said on his Instagram page while showing off his enthusiasm.

2. Pregnant baby boy


Like many other gender reveal moments, parents-to-be will puncture a balloon which will issue a pink or blue ‘sign’ that determines the sex of the unborn baby.

It is clear here that Jessica looks very happy and touched at the same time. Vincent seemed excited, yes, to tell everyone the gender of his child. El was also there who covered one ear while holding a balloon stick.

3. Family portraits are getting more compact

This portrait means a lot for Vincent. Yes, Jessica and El kissed her after finding out what the gender of Jessica’s baby was. Her face reddened as a sign that she was moved by the moment.

Vincent here carrying El seems to be congratulating that El will soon have a sister. Jessica’s happiness can be seen here when she finds out that her husband can be so close to her child. So sweet.

4. Jessica cried tears of joy


This is a very moving portrait. Jessica looked touched and happy with her second pregnancy. He couldn’t hide his emotions, while Vincent tried to comfort him. Jessica’s distended stomach is also exhibited here.

5. Flood of prayer

Vincent and Jessica will be a happy family. The second child will be present among them and the best prayers will certainly be poured out for the fetus from the womb until it is born into the world.

Not only from fellow celebrities, Jedar also wished the fans the best.

“😍😍😍,” wrote Rini Yulianti.

“Wooopp woooppp Baby Mama πŸ€°πŸ½πŸ’• Congratulations!!!,” kata Jennifer Bachdim.

“Did you get a gender reveal? But the important thing is, Sis Jedar and the baby on the stomach are always healthy,” said here.ayu.

“Always healthy brother and baby grandpa 😍 Lord Jesus take care always, prayer susianasanti2604.

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5 Facts about Jessica Iskandar’s Pregnancy, Number 4 Her Heartbreaking Moment: Okezone Celebrity