4 Evidence Fuji Loves Gala Sky Like a Mother, Number 3 Makes Haru : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law, Fujianti Utami aka Fuji indeed very close to his nephew, Gala Sky. Even the one-year-old boy was very attached to his aunt after his parents died.

Even Fuji is predicted to be a substitute for Vanessa Angel for Gala Sky. Remembering, the 19-year-old virgin’s love for her nephew is like a mother:

Here are 5 proofs of Fuji’s love for the Gala Sky which is like a mother summarized Okayzone, Friday (12/31/2021).


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1. Meet the needs of the Gala Sky for the next 5 years

Recently, Fuji also claimed to have fulfilled the needs of the Gala Sky for the next 5 years. This was revealed by him when shopping with Crazy Rich Bali, Maharani Kemala.

“I have stocked the Gala clothes for the next five years,” Fuji said to Maharani Kemala on Crazy Rich Bali’s Youtube.

“So there’s nothing left in one cupboard containing Gala’s clothes, I just lost to him,” he continued.

2. Know the Right Food for the Sky Gala

Not only meeting the needs of the Gala Sky for the next five years. Fuji also knows the right food for his nephew.

At first, Maharani Kemala wanted to buy some snacks for the Gala Sky, after previously asking Fuji what was and shouldn’t be consumed by the 17-month-old boy.

“Gala isn’t allowed to eat too much, don’t be salty. Because later he won’t be in the mood to eat anything else. He doesn’t want to eat anything else,” Fuji replied.

Gala and Fuji

When she wanted to take some chocolates for Gala, Maharani had time to ask Fuji about it. Hearing this question, Fuji sounded not forbid Gala to consume chocolate, as long as not in large quantities.

“Kinder Joy can ?,” the Empress asked again.

“Don’t use too much Kinder Joy, you’ll have a hole in your teeth,” Fuji replied.

3. Throwing Cellphones during Gala Sky Crying

Fuji was caught on camera throwing his cellphone when he saw Gala Sky crying. The moment occurred when Vanessa Angel’s child cried looking for her aunt who had gone to the toilet.

Soon Fuji came and returned to meet Gala. He then quickly threw the cellphone onto the sofa and carried his nephew. The better child, Vanessa Angel, was silent for a moment.

4. Wear Twins

Fuji recently also shared his portrait with his nephew. In the photo, Fuji is seen holding the Gala Sky. They compactly wore black t-shirts with abstract patterns on the front. Fuji is seen kissing his nephew and sticking out his tongue in another photo.

Gala Sky also teased her aunt by sticking out her tongue. The closeness of the two can be seen in this photo.

“They will never love you like I can,” Fuji wrote on his personal Instagram.

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4 Evidence Fuji Loves Gala Sky Like a Mother, Number 3 Makes Haru : Okezone Celebrity