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NAYSILLA Mirdad has recently been in the media spotlight due to rumors that he has changed his religion. As is well known, Nay grew up and was raised by his parents of different faiths, Jamal Mirdad and Lydia Kandou.

As a child, Nay followed in his mother’s footsteps and grew up embracing Christianity. In fact, Nay and his siblings are always present to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Christmas together.

Now, at the age of three, he has caused quite a stir in the public because it was reported that he changed religion and decided to become a convert to Islam. So what are the facts? The following are a series of facts that have been summarized from various sources.

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Get Married

Officially having a special relationship with Roestiandi Tsamanov since 2015, the two apparently will soon go up the aisle. The news was later confirmed by Jamal Mirdad through Starpro Indonesia’s Youtube Channel, when he was interviewed on his 60th birthday.

“I seem to have heard that he wants to end his single life immediately, but because of this corona, inevitably the program will adjust,” said Nay’s father.

This news immediately became a public discussion because Nay’s lover was known to be a Muslim. Jamal also revealed that Nay will follow his lover’s religion to get married.

“Insha Allah. Because in marriage, religion is the most important,” added Jamal.

In a separate interview session, last March 2020, Nay apparently had time to answer the news of his marriage with his lover. Through Samuel Zylgwyn’s Youtube Channel, Nay expressed his prayers to get married soon.

“If you just pray for marriage, then if you want to have children how many, I want to have only one or two children,” answered Nay.

Although until now the news of Nay’s marriage and his lover has not been heard again, Jamal’s response seems to give an indication that Nay has become a convert.

Followed By Mother

Not only the news of Naysilla who decided to convert. In the past, Nay’s mother, Lydia Kandou, apparently also got the public spotlight.

Lydia has been rumored to be a convert to Islam again since the @sas** account uploaded her portrait wearing a hijab and black veil some time ago. Without confirming anything, Lydia actually re-uploaded the portrait on her Instagram Story, you know.

Even a few moments ago, the news of Lydia Kandou’s convert to Islam was strengthened by a portrait of Nay’s birthday. Lydia and her family together gathered with hijab orphans to celebrate Nay’s birthday, you know. In the second upload, Nay and Lydia looked compact and neat wearing closed white clothes.

Choose to keep their beliefs secret

Although issues regarding his beliefs and his family did not stop circulating, Nay apparently had time to give information that he had his own beliefs, in 2020.

On that occasion, Nay said that he chose to remain silent and did not mention what religion he embraced. He even studied Islam and Christianity at the same time, you know.

“I have my own beliefs, but I learn both,” replied Naysilla Mirdad.

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3 Shocking Facts About Rumors of Naysilla Mirdad Converting Religion : Okezone Celebrity