3 Portraits of Ayu Ting Ting and Ivan Gunawan Raising a Baby, Netizens: Curious to see how big they are : Okezone Celebrity

SPIRIT Ivan Gunawan’s doll named Baby Miracle aka Eqqel and Marvel has gone viral. On Instagram, he often shares portraits of nurturing this spirit doll, even Ayu Ying Ting joins in.

Since adopting two spirit dolls which he named Miracle Putra Gunawan and Marvel Putra Gunawan, Igun has become the talk of the public. He was even predicted to be starting to have no sense because he believed in the spirits he cared for.

Although netizens are constantly bombarded with negative comments, it seems that Igun’s affection for the two dolls he calls his children has not diminished at all.

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So what is the form of Ivan Gunawan’s love for his two children? Let’s look at 3 portraits of Ivan Gunawan with his doll.

Miracle dan Marvel

Igun does believe that his two dolls have feelings and will grow up like children in general. Through Igun’s upload a while ago, Igun was seen carrying Marvel and Miracle carefully. The designer’s face was also seen shining brightly looking at the two dolls.

“Just when you think you know love, someone so little and precious comes along to remind you just how big love really is. Just like my love for you Miracle and Marvel.”

“Just like when you think that you really understand the meaning of love, a small and precious person comes together to remind you how big love itself is. Like my love for Miracle and Marvel,” wrote Igun.

“Can’t wait for them to grow up 😂😂,” replied the netizen.

“I’m curious to see how big it is,” said another.

Momong Miracle


Even though Miracle can’t show an expression like a baby in general, Igun always cares for her doll cheerfully. He even looks happy when entertaining Eqqel on the sofa at his house.

In the portrait, Igun seems to be lying on the sofa while comforting Eqqel, by lifting his body.

But unfortunately, Igun’s comment column continues to be filled with netizen discomfort. Some even mentioned that he was under stress, you know

“Isn’t this stressful already?” said netizens.

Photo with Ayu Ting Ting

Ivan Gunawan

Like a harmonious family, a few moments ago Igun seemed to upload his portrait with Ayu who was rocking Miracle. Igun also seemed to be leaning his head on the shoulder of the woman who was predicted to be in a special relationship with him.

Different from the contents of the comments column previously uploaded, Netizens actually praised the two who were considered mature enough to start a more serious relationship. Netizens even pray for Ayu and Igun to have a baby soon.

“It really suits you guys❤️❤️❤️” wrote @pat**

“Hopefully it really materializes yes to the beautiful igun,” continued @ayl ***

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3 Portraits of Ayu Ting Ting and Ivan Gunawan Raising a Baby, Netizens: Curious to see how big they are : Okezone Celebrity